Gao Ting approves Najib’s application for handwriting expert to appear in court

Gao Ting today approved the application of former Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib to summon a handwriting appraisal expert to appear in court during the self-defense stage of SRC International Inc. to approve his signature on some documents.

Judge Nazran said in his ruling that under the law, the defendant has the right to obtain and guide any relevant evidence of his choice in his self-defense.

He said that even if the application was an accused’s afterthought or an excuse just recently woven, it was not a sufficient reason to limit the defendant’s ability to lead evidence in his own defense.

“However, this expert evidence will be weighed, and once presented, including whether the accused’s self-defense is seriously affected by hindsight, the court will make a decision at the end of the case.”

He said the court will also rule on the evidentiary value of this evidence.

He pointed out that in order to ensure that the cross-examination of this evidence would not affect the trial process of the case, the defendant must arrange the cross-examination of this expert next week for a period of no more than two days, followed by a renewal on February 3 .

He said the venue would be in the court area and the deputy registrar would inform later that the prosecutors, the defence and the court representatives would be present.

Nazran also ruled that if the prosecution intended, they could invoke section 425 of the Code of Criminal Procedure to call a witness who refuted the evidence in this regard.

On December 9, last year, Najib ’s lawyer Tan Sri Shafiy told the court that the defence will summon Najib ’s handwriting appraisal experts during Najib ’s self-defense stage to appraise several court documents containing his client ’s signature. Authenticity.

However, Datuk Sidam Baran, the Deputy Prosecutor’s Office, opposed the application on the grounds that it would obstruct the evidence presented by the prosecution and required the defence to file an application and affidavit to the court on the matter.

In hearing the case, Nazran’s ruling requires that the defense file a formal application for consideration by the court.

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