Gang strategist A veteran robber freed

Gang strategist A veteran robber freed

The strategist of a gang of veteran robbers who have already perpetrated armed robberies totaling two million dollars at the expense of the Garda agency, in the Montreal region, regains his freedom after five years in the shade.

Paul Thomas Bryntwick, 69, is due home this week to Ontario after serving two-thirds of his eight-year sentence in a federal penitentiary, as the law demands across the country.

The 60-year-old told the Parole Board of Canada (PBC) that he intended to take advantage of his “retirement” from the criminal world to spend peaceful days with his family and spend his time doing renovations.

Arrested by Montreal police along with the rest of his gang in 2015, Bryntwick admitted to “advising” his four accomplices to plan and execute a series of armed robberies at the expense of employees of the Garda cashier, while those they delivered liquidity to bank branches.

Ingenious and meticulous

The “grandpa robbers”, three of whom were in their sixties, distinguished themselves in the art of deactivating the alarm systems of the banks where they entered to hide, while awaiting the arrival of the armored vans from Garda.

The targeted employees had previously been monitored for weeks so that the gang knew precisely their work route down to the minute.

Thieves entered the banks using duplicate keys they had made after taking fingerprints on the locks by inserting plasticine into them.

The ingenious Old Timers gang, however, got caught after their youngest member caught the attention of authorities by foolishly going into overspending with his share of the loot.

A pro at 26

At the age of 26, Bryntwick had his first big blow, in 1977. With accomplices, he broke into a Vancouver bank only to come out with several million dollars in silver, gold and jewelry.

Most of the loot was never found.

While the last third of his sentence is spent in the community, the Ontario repeat offender will however have the obligation to regularly provide a detailed report of his personal finances to his supervisory officers.

“The lure of easy gain is at the heart of your criminality,” the PBC reminded him.

♦ Bryntwick will also have to refrain from any frequentation related to the underworld. These special conditions are “necessary to protect society and promote your reintegration there”, according to the Commission.


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