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[Gamescom 2019] HyperParasite launched big update!

[Gamescom 2019] HyperParasite launched big update!

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Troglobytes Games has just announced the game HyperParasite will receive a major update on the official launch date at Gamescom 2019.

HyperParasite – The rogue-lite game, Troglobytes Games' top-down shooter, announced by Hound Picked Games will receive the biggest update ever at the Gamescom 2019 event.

Since launching as Early Access on Steam in April 2019, the game has been constantly releasing weekly updates, bringing two new pieces of content, new characters, new levels, new bosses. and many new play mechanisms.

With this major update, the game will receive the fourth content, along with: more than 10 new character classes; new sub-bosses like Alien Hunter and Space Huntress; new lands like Desert, Guards Tower and Area 81; new game screen with bosses super hard; update character information in Almanac; Many new mysteries are waiting for players to explore and the mechanism to save / exit new games.

However, HyperParasite there will be slight changes at the price, from 10.99 USD to 12.99 USD and will be officially released in Q1 2020.

HyperParasite brings a beautiful image, fast-paced action style, set in the 80s. The game has 60 different career functions, totally special for players to freely explore characteristics, dance gas and movement to overcome each level.

If you are at Gamescom, you can experience this latest update at the game booth.

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