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[Gamescom 2019] Deck13 Spotlight announces the event lineup!

[Gamescom 2019] Deck13 Spotlight announces the event lineup!

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Deck13 Spotlight, the independent game release division of Deck13 Interactive will join Gamescom 2019 with two familiar names and a new game.

Deck13 Spotlight, the independent game publishing division of Deck13 Interactive has said it will release more games at Gamescom 2019.

Those who attend the fair this time will have the opportunity to meet the team at Indie Arena (independent studio area) and experience the company's three upcoming major titles, one of which was introduced once. first worldwide.

CrossCode, the highly rated game of Radical Fish Games will be the first name the company brings to the fair. The immersive 2D action-type game takes place in the future, combining 16-bit graphics with high-speed battle systems, challenging puzzle mechanisms and exciting science fiction content .

In addition to experiencing the PC version of this game, the company can also reveal some details about the console as well as some out-of-the-box information.

Next, Wartile is a turn-based strategy game that the company also wants to bring to everyone this time. The player will control a Viking gang in the universe inspired by Norse mythology, uncovering secrets in this world and overpowering the power of the gods.

The Shattering will be a completely new name introduced for the first time around the world at this event. This is a first-person psychological game developed by SuperSexySoftware. The player will be immersed in the mind of John Evans and find a way to decipher the mysteries that are happening in his memory.

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