Games that make you turn to betray your teammates

You’re probably familiar with co-op or multiplayer games that work with your teammates to win. In contrast, some games require players to turn their faces and betray their teammates to achieve their goals. This will be even more cruel when you do not know that the coming time will be the time to “act” with those who were former teammates.

Here are the games that make you play the villain to succeed.

Friday the 13th: The Game

In theory, Friday the 13th should encourage gamers to coordinate and support each other. Partly because it is the right thing to do, the other part is to give evil villain Jason many targets to destroy, not just you.

However, sometimes players will have to sacrifice their best friend. For example, when someone falls in Jason’s line of sight and you can’t find a way to help them. Or if you need to do another task to keep the rest of the people safe, you will most likely be forced to leave the “victim” alone.

However, there are also cases where you simply … don’t bother. Or your escape plan does not allow more than one person to escape (eg, by a two-seater train).

All of these reasons are very reasonable, but the first thing is to leave your comrades alone to maximize your chances of winning. Of course, at this point you won’t be a very nice person.

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On the positive side, the whole team can completely find a way to kill Jason, but you will need to plan well and coordinate well with each other. In general this approach is very dangerous, but if you feel it is less guilty then feel free to do it.

Project Winter

Although Project Winter is not really outstanding, but objectively speaking, this is a masterpiece in the “deceiving” game genre. And this is also the reason why Project Winter will be more fun when playing with friends.

In the game there will be 8 players divided into 2 groups, including survivors and traitors. The survivors’ mission is to complete quests to find out one of the vehicles hidden in the area and escape.

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On the contrary, the traitor’s group’s job is not to let the other group accomplish their goals, and this is where the fun begins. Usually, anyone would suspect a player was a traitor, and show suspicious actions. However, the traitor himself can blend in and behave just like one of the other survivors. So you can only trust yourself, and you cannot trust 100% of others.

In addition, Project Winter is interesting in that it has many different voice chat modes: Chat between players, chat by long distance / near … etc. This will create many different opportunities for players to split their own factions, whisper confidential information to implement their intentions. All of which make this game even more chaotic and unpredictable.

Pokémon Go

At first, Pokémon Go looked like a game of friends working together happily. It will allow players to exchange with teammates, participate in raids together, and even send each other beautiful baby gifts as a show of goodwill … Until the mechanism The gym appeared.

In each actual location that the game identifies, the player can place their Pokémon there to “suppress”. The longer a Pokémon lasts, the more money its owner will receive. However, it turns out that if you and your teammates live close to each other, there is a high chance that the two will meet each other at a certain gym location. This means that you and your (used to be) comrades will become direct rivals on the way to become the best Pokémon Trainer.

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And this betrayal cannot be easily hidden. Every time something goes wrong, you’ll get a message telling you that the “bully” Pokémon have been defeated. And the culprit is none other than a close friend for a long time, determined to win the gym for more money. With friends like this, it is no wonder why Team Rocket has such a large number of members.

Town Of Salem

If you want to find out who is the best liar in your group, you can think about inviting them to play Town Of Salem!

Basically, this game is relatively similar to Project Winter, just a little more complicated. Instead of 2 factions, the player will be divided into 3 factions, including: The town faction, the mafia faction and the neutral faction. The townspeople will try to kill the mafia, the mafia will also kill it, and the neutral side will kill both 2. With such a pre-set scenario, this game will give you extremely “drama” experiences and arouse. Everyone tries to cover up their roles and cheat the other players to survive until the end of the game.

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Although some good players can figure out who is in which role through logical reasoning, it is only a few. Most people like to guess, mess and kill based on their feelings when playing this game. Just like in Ghosts, there are usually quite a few innocent people killed because a player is on the same side. So if there is a friendship with some glue that just cracks because of this game, then nothing is strange.

Splinter Cell: Conviction

Splinter Cell’s plot: Conviction must say is both cool and … hurting the spirit of the players.

The reason is that after being supported (or supported) by your friend overcoming many challenges of the campaign mode, you will receive a “fateful” call from your boss. The task at this time is to “kill” a comrade who has given birth to death for so long. And in the opposite direction, your teammates will also receive the same quest. So both fell into the “fraternal relationship”, extremely heartbreaking.

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This can be said to be a horrifying moment for players playing Splinter Cell: Conviction, not knowing how to face their former teammates. And then after much hesitation and emotion, the best friends gave birth to death and only one left. In a positive perspective, this is a task that both agree on, decide to die in the game, but the friendship in real life is not dented … Hope so.

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