GameRefinery popular mobile game selection in April: a collection of highlights

In April, highlights of the global mobile game market included the “Novice Challenge” feature launched by Supercell, which aims to alleviate the game’s long-standing catch-up mechanics problem. The immortal game that has long occupied a place in the Chinese market is also developing new ones. territory. As a data analysis company under Vungle, GameRefinery continues to deepen the forefront of the game market, providing game developers with mobile game data information at the level of game features. If you want to know more details about the iterative updates of major mobile games, follow GameRefinery to take a look!

U.S. mobile game market update:

“Clash of Clans” ushered in a major update after a year. The 14-level city hall was opened, and functions such as “pet system”, “battlefield builder”, and “novice challenge” were added. “Pet System” is the latest second-level character that players can match to heroes. Pets have a variety of skills and usages. They can accompany heroes on the battlefield and can be upgraded through dark heavy oil.

For many years, mobile games have been facing the problem of catching up. If the progress curve is the same for several years, how can new players break through advanced levels? Supercell introduced the “Novice Challenge” in this update to solve this problem. The novice challenge mechanism is similar to the Battle Pass. Through the “task→reward” model, players from Level 2 to 6 of the City Hall can get a lot of rewards. The original intention of the “Novice Challenge” model is not to pay for promotion.

“Clash of Clans” “Novice Challenge” function description

To celebrate the game’s breakthrough of 10 million downloads, “Running Gingerbread Man: Kingdom” launched a 21-day “super raffle” event. Gifts are items priced in kind, including Starbucks gift cards, takeaway gift cards, brand new refrigerators and Brand-name wallets. This form of activity is not very common in European and American countries, but it is relatively common in China and Japan. This event also greatly aroused the interest of players, and the game has been ranked among the top 200 best sellers in the United States for several days.

The “Super Draw” of “Gingerbread Man Running: Kingdom” draws real-world prizes

“Yahtzee? with Buddies Dice” launched a new cooperative mode “treasure hunt”. Players can team up with their adventure partners to dig for treasures in ancient Egypt. The more treasures they dig, the richer the rewards.

“Living Kingdom” and the TV series “The Walking Dead” are deeply linked. The event will last about 200 days. The new character Daryl Dixon (Daryl Dixon) will be introduced, the new PvE mechanism will be introduced in the standalone game mode, and the online cooperative quiz game will be added. A new card pool and achievement collection book is the achievement collection mechanism.

“The Seven Deadly Sins: The Battle Between Light and Darkness” and the live-action series “Stranger Things” produced by Netflix debut! Special cutscenes, “Liones” and “Upside Down” areas for players to explore, and four new heroes from Hawkinstown have made the game’s production cost a new high.

“The Seven Deadly Sins: The Battle Between Light and Darkness” and “Stranger Things” linkage: launch a special cooperative suit for players to purchase

“Kingdom Era” and the anime “Saint Seiya” are deeply linked, with a lot of game content updated, and players can also get special heroes.

“Kingdom Era” offers special IAP discounts. If you don’t have time to finish all exclusive linkage items and heroes, you can buy event products immediately

“Marvel Fight: Champions Fight” has added a new “Clothing System” function in the recent update, which allows players to change the appearance of their characters. But the “clothing system” will not change the gameplay or help upgrades, only a decorative effect. However, players have a lot of clothing choices, and they can show off their favorite Marvel heroes.

“Phase 10: World Tour” is another game that combines real-world prizes to celebrate the anniversary. The game combines two major events, “Birthday Dinner” and “Anniversary Pinball”. The grand prize is iPhone 12 Pro Max. During the event, a limited time IAP package will be open at the same time.

The 2.2 update of “League of Legends: Fighting Canyon” introduced the first “Wild Passage” season, the second PvP qualifying season, location preference matching test activities and limited time test ARAM special game mode. PC gamers are familiar with the ARAM mode, but for mobile players, each round of the ARAM mode does not exceed 15 minutes, and can enjoy a more compact combat experience.

Following the Egg Hunt, the four-week “Meta Universe Championship” of “Robless” kicked off in April. In Robles Metaverse, players have to compete for 4 championships, and there are more than 180 game tasks to complete.

“Royal Rush Chong Chong” introduced a new hero system. A new type of hero will enter the battle as a squad leader. Players in each game can choose a hero captain, each with different skills and attribute bonuses, and can show their skills in different situations.

In “Royal Rush Chong Chong Chong Chong Chong”, by collecting corresponding hero fragments to upgrade and unlock and upgrade skills

“Dragon Ball: Legend of Guild Wars” added PvE competition mode and “Power Tournament” mode. All battles in this mode are automatically completed by AI calculations.

“Pass” BP model continues to be popular in the mobile game market. Recently, “Lily’s Garden” and “League of Legends: Fighting Canyon” both launched their own BP.

To celebrate Earth Day in April, some games launched seasonal events to increase player participation. For example: “Tennis Legend”, “Light Yu” and “Living Kingdom”. The GameRefinery team found that many games across categories have launched Easter or Spring themed events in April.

Earth Day activities of “Living Kingdom”

Recently, many Slot games use the form of “board games” for activities. Players get the number of moves on the game board by pulling the slot machine and unlock the rewards on the way forward. The “Board Trip” activity of “House of Fun: Casino Slots 777” is one example.

In “House of Fun: Casino Slots 777”, players get the number of steps through the turntable in the lower right corner. The number of turns comes from the slot machine or directly purchased from the store.

Finally, among the latest games that made it to the top 200 in the United States, the GameRefinery analyst team selected the two games “Call of Demons: A Hundred Years War” and “Magic: The Gathering Arena”. Contact Vungle for more details.

China Mobile Game Market Update

Another World Fantasy Fan Drama Mobile Game “Princess Link ReThe first linkage between “ive” and “Re: Life in a Different World from Zero” has achieved both revenue and download volume growth. This linkage launched an event plot and a limited “connection” mechanism game mode. In this mode, players can cultivate relationships with active characters, unlock more dialogues with Re:Zero girls, and get a lot of rewards.

“Sword and Expedition-AFK” two-year anniversary event launched new characters, special edition skins, sign-in rewards, activity modes and many benefits.

During the anniversary of “Sword and Expedition-AFK”, the game interface has a special setting, and players can review their growth history in the game. This function will count all the players’ experiences, such as when they got the best card, who is the longest friend in the game, and the number of days of signing in the past year.

The team mode has been upgraded in “Contra: Return-Team Gathering Guard Time”. In addition to the optimization of missions and game modes, this update also adds a form of online cooperation missions. Two players need to be online and enter the team room at the same time before specific game rewards can be activated.

“Contra” the latest online cooperation mode

“Call of Duty” national service has added a new “mutation frenzy” zombie mode. This mode includes synchronous cooperative gameplay, where four players team up to fight the NPC zombies in turn. After the last wave of zombies comes, the player can be resurrected when fighting the ultimate BOSS. This is also a pay point. As for whether and when this model will be introduced in the English version, you can look forward to it.

“Call of Duty” charging resurrection mechanism

“After Tomorrow” held a joint event named “Godzilla Invasion”, where players can fight against Godzilla in real proportions.

“Light Encounter” launched a new season of BP “Assembly Season”, the story line unfolds around the theme of the tree house renovation. Although the ranking dropped a week ago, thanks to the new BP mechanism, “Light Yu” once again jumped back to the top 10 in revenue.

In addition, we have brought first-hand news about the game of cultivating immortals! Developers of Xiuxian games, which have long occupied a place in China’s game download rankings, have begun to monetize. In April of this year, “Questioning the Immortal on the Cloud” and “Sword Opens the Fairy Gate” entered the top 200 revenue list. The game of cultivating immortals can be regarded as another form of official fighting game. Players do not act as kings to govern the country, but cultivating immortals to manage martial arts.

The domestic market in April has to mention the excellent performance of “One Piece Hot Blood Route”. In April of this year, ByteDance’s “One Piece Hot Blood Route” won the top 10 revenue list in the Chinese market and the first place in the download list. In addition, the plot RPG mobile role-playing game “The Throne of Girls” also won the top 100 revenue list and the top 20 download list.

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