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Game Talks “The Underworld” Collision between “Human Nature” and “Common Sense”

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In the modern era of RPG games, the acronym EXP should be familiar to everyone. I believe that everyone thinking of this abbreviation is leveling, but the most common method of leveling is to fight monsters.

With one life after another falling under the sword, the player’s ability value will increase in proportion to the number of fallen monsters. And often the player’s growth process is not responsible for the fallen monsters, because they are mostly “evil”. Is this really the case?

显然 This game called “Undertale” today obviously does not think so. This game, which was produced and distributed by Toby Fox in more than two years, was a hit in 2015. At the same time as winning the 3rd place in PC games released in 2015, it also won full marks from 14 media including IGN. What kind of game can win such an award? let us wait and see.(The following content is spoiler, please read it carefully)

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(Undertale battle interface)

What Undertale Says

画面 As can be seen from the screen, this is a pixel-style game. The protagonist is a human who stumbled from the human realm and fell into the monster realm. The monster hid underground because it was defeated in a war with humans long ago. From the process of introducing the background of the story, it is instilling in the player that the relationship between humans and monsters is not so friendly.

第 The first NPC I encountered when I came to the ground was a small flower. With the relaxed BGM, Xiaohua smiled and told you that the level of this world was named LOVE. The way to get LOVE is “Come here, eat the barrage I gave you ~” At this time, the barrage like pollen will fall.

悠 The moment you hit the barrage, the melodious BGM came to an abrupt end. The mischievous little flower looked at your deducted HP with a contented smirk. Only then does it reveal to you what it believes is the true law of the world, “either to kill or to be killed.”

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(Small flowers on two faces)

The game hasn’t even published a novice tutorial, so you realize that this game is not a simple and easy leveling game. Just as the despicable little flower created a full screen barrage slowly approaching you, ready to kill you in one fell swoop, the second NPC, Toriel (Mother Sheep) appeared.

The mother-in-law slammed Xiaohua away, treated you gently as her own child, and led you to a real novice tutorial. However, Yang Yang’s views on this world are very different from those of Xiaohua. She believes that “monsters” and humans should co-exist with each other, not kill each other.

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