Game review Chess Union: Easy approach to the game makes the game more dignified
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Game review Chess Union: Easy approach to the game makes the game more dignified

After the Arena of Truth Mobile launched not long ago, the Federation has launched a new regime called the Union Flag. Let’s see how the Federation will bring something new in this mode.

Dignity flag
The Coalition has finally brought a set of dignity flags to its players.

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Game interface: Still a familiar check flag of dignity

There is not too much difference in terms of interface, there are full of generals, boosts, as well as exit buttons when inhibited because the entire spin is still unable to earn the remaining Butterfly to be 3 stars. The quality of the graphics does not need to be said much because like other game modes, the movement of the generals on the chessboard is still hard, it does not look very eye.

Game interface
The game interface does not have much difference.

The downside of the game is that the Miniface of the generals and icons of small tribes, will make the mistake of buying or missing the generals to buy for the player’s squad.

Miniface of generals and small clan symbols should be easy to buy by mistake or miss.

Gameplay: A few new support features

Like the Auto Chess games, the chess game of the Federation Chess is not much different. Your task is to use the chess pieces as the generals in the Coalition, then arbitrarily arrange the battle to activate the corresponding tribes and bring that formation to battle with the players, who survives the last will be the winner.

frame flag
Players must arrange the battlefield in a reasonable manner to fight with other players.

Access to the game is very easy, because the first time to play will be eye-catching a detailed tutorial and play carefully. Tencent knows how to support players when it comes to team suggestion, which is the most difference compared to other games of the same genre.

This feature is very convenient during playing, it will help players to control the search for the necessary pieces for their squad, limit the excessive hand rotation to distract the chess piece you are need.

Buy generals
The Army knows how to support a new player by having a squad suggestion feature.

The early stage of the game of chess is different from other Auto Chess games, players will not start with the monster screen of the previous game, instead will start at level 3 and meet the player directly. .

In addition, you will also own a fortune of 20 gold in the first round, the highest compared to the Auto Chess games like Red Tide you only have 5 gold, even Mobile Arena of Truth is 0 gold.

The first phase of the game is very fast, players do not need to go through the round of monsters at the beginning of the game.

Talent is limited, but assets are redundant

Economic problems always cause players to have a headache in the genre of Auto Chess, hoarding money to build a squad as well as increasing the level is always a problem. The amount of money received is small after each game, making the use of money always a must think very carefully.

If in the Arena of Truth Mobile, to reach the 100 gold mark, you have to spend wary, combined with moving the winning circuit, to get an average of 9 to 10 gold after a round, you must own The highest winning sequence is a series of 8 wins. Red Tide game is similar, you can only get an average of 8-10 gold after a round.

In the Union Flag, you will have nothing but money, even if you lose, you will receive an average of 10 gold after a round. So gamers are easy to earn money to deploy tactics. Reaching the maximum level, as well as rotating 3 star generals is not a problem when the player owns a huge fortune. Achieving the 100 gold mark is not difficult in the Union Flag.

Players can check out quickly to complete the squad and reach the maximum level.

Farewell equipped pressing system

Chess pieces have reduced the amount of knowledge for players with unique equipment mechanism. If you look through the Mobile Arena of Truth or Red Tide, players must acquire a huge amount of knowledge from information about the clan, quality and equipment installation. In addition, in the aforementioned titles, the matching formula sheet that is longer than the Mark Lenin book will make you wobble the first time you approach the game.

The Coalition has helped ease the brain by providing large items, players do not need to go to pick up small items and then think how to combine into a large item. In addition, the game also features auto-fitting or consulting the champion that is suitable for the newly picked equipment. The advantage of this feature is that players will be easier to play the game, because fitting the equipment appropriately for each champion will greatly affect the outcome of each game.

Feature suggestions and automatically fitted to the generals will help players a lot of headaches away.

However, this feature will also limit the creativity and mutation of the player, as the game will be framed in terms of equipment. The freedom to pair items sometimes brings breakthroughs to the game. Sometimes accidentally pairing or haphazardly installing equipment also brings new trends, making players always try to discover new things in pairing equipment.

Players do not need to memorize the formula to press each item, because the game offers always the complete equipment.

Evaluation of the chess game mode


  • The system supports the new players well, giving players easy access in the first time to play.
  • Ethnic diversity.
  • There are distinct playing styles.
  • General familiar, easy to grasp how to play.


  • There are still many errors during the game.
  • Small minifigures make players miss champions that they need to buy.
Buy minister
Buying a mistake or missing a champion due to a small miniface also has a big impact on the game.


Let’s wait and see what improvements the Chess Union will have in the Auto Chess category.

Although joining the regime of playing chess with dignity a bit late, the Federation still knows how to make a difference, the generals are very familiar with the Union players, as well as new support features, so the capture How to play and implement tactics will not take much time for the new players.

Although there are still inferior to the games of the same genre, but the Chess Union still knows how to differentiate itself in this genre, along with a large number of players will help the Union to catch up. other games. Hopefully in the near future, the Coalition will improve this mode, bringing new things, differences and more diverse to create more appeal for players.

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