Game over, 'Mr. Luka' is still the President of Belarus!

Game over, ‘Mr. Luka’ is still the President of Belarus!

(International relations) – Maidan-Ukraine is a painful lesson for its anti-Russian and American-Western neighbors.

At the end of the game, 'Mr. Luka' is the Tong of Belarus!

Many people interested in the post-Soviet geopolitical situation want to know the “last fragment of the Soviet Union” is how Belarus it was happening in the last presidential election with thrilling circumstances, scandals such as the Belarusian KGB arresting 33 Russians on allegations that the Russian PMC was in riot …

Then whether there will be a “Maidan Belarus” broke out when protests “do not recognize the election results” broke out …

Belarus is not Ukraine!

Hot situation before, after the election, Belarusian President was “pregnant with Maidan Ukraine” but there are 2 differences:

First, the 26 years of Belarusian leadership, “old man Luka” is not easily eliminated by the efforts of tens of thousands of people trained and employed by outside forces such as Yanukovych-Ukraine. It can be said that “old man Luka” is full of bravery, experience and wisdom to lead Belarus in the “multi-vector” (multilateral) style.

Mr. Lukashenko firmly holds the power of the government and is decisively tough on political opponents they do not control beyond the law, and at the same time, is not afraid to use force against them in any way. – from dispersing the protest to arresting, discrediting, exposing the incident.

Mr. Lukashenko, in addition, had a similar experience: in 2006 with his five-day “blue revolution”, it also started with protests against fraud in the general election. his third system.

Mr. Lukashenko, in fact – very important, decisive, is to give the people of Belarus a better and better life without being like the Ukrainian people, in other words, “old Luka” is more popular. .

Second, Russia’s approach to its neighbors has changed or it is the “oligarchs” who have betrayed Russia for being too pampered by Russia, wanting to change the wind, finding new feelings from the West. Give Russia a lesson …

What happened in Moldova, Georgia and especially Ukraine, where all the oligarchs who became the first Russian traitors, “rose” on the Forbes list, thanks to oil and gas. Russian burning and trading opportunities in neighboring huge markets.

The Russian approach is now different … Russia began to care about “soft power” instead of arrogantly declaring “where are they going from us” because political elites were purchased …

The US-West wants to make Belarus a second Ukraine. Belarus is the last fragment of the Soviet Union, Russia’s only remaining ally, this is something Russia cannot accept.

Although “Old Man Luka” is a strange, fickle impulsive person, in principle, with 26 years of rule familiar and predictable under the “multi-vector” policy, it will be easy for Moscow to proceed. talk to him in a future 5 years instead of someone else.

That is why, without exclusion, Russia is ready by all means to protect Mr. Lukashenka. And the unarmed Russians, with gloves appearing near Minsk – not a misunderstanding….

Game scripts …

Starting with the statements of Mr. Lukashenko, which made the public concerned, he had become a big “anti-Russia” man. Mr. Lukashenko declared “the coalition state ended”, “opened the US embassy in Minsk”, accusing Russia of enough charges …

Especially the biggest scandal was the arrest of 33 Russians in Minsk on allegations that Russian PMC used riot, overthrowing the Belarusian government. Mr Lukashenko threatened to turn the 33 men to Ukrane for trial – an extremely uncomfortable scenario for the Russians. He even dragged tanks rattling to the Russian border …

In short, Mr. Lukashenko, before the election showed no need for Russia, Blaming Russia, Mr. Lukashenko showed everyone that he, alone, alone, not asking for help from Russia or anyone else, is available. sieve to protect your power.

With such a statement, Mr. Lukashenko has taken advantage of the number of voters who still have ambiguous views of pro-Russia or pro-West and avoid or at least reduce the spearhead force of extremist forces in the friendly opposition. The West aims to oppose Russia, criticize his pro-Russian grandfather …

In Russia ,. The scandal was big, but Russia did not object strongly, even President Putin did not talk about it. He inaugurated a nuclear power plant in Belarus that would change the energy map of the Baltic region itself …

And, Russia did not send a delegation to supervise the elections to Belarus despite the invitation of Minsk … but, the “polite” Russians who appeared near Minsk were not to “incite riot”, but on the contrary, to protect strength. and confidence for Lukashenko without “old man Luka” is obliged to be grateful.

The game ends! “Old Man Luka” is to continue as President of Belarus after 26 years of being president. Obviously, Lukashenko is the winner, and Russia and the West of the two are very interested in this result, who is interested and benefiting?

Immediately after the vote ended, knowing that Lukashenko was re-elected, as usual with the US-PT, “no recognition of results” protests broke out (meanwhile, after the results were announced). , Russian President Putin immediately and always congratulated.)

Western media loudly reported the protest “does not recognize the election results” in Belarus and the “bloody” repression of Minsk ….

However, who is behind the protests? Nobody, this is the spontaneity of the people – the answer of the Belarusian opposition. But, as President Lukashenko accused, “to incite the public, even the Internet was turned off and on Sunday”. So, is the Internet Russian or American?

The people of Belarus made a choice.

Le Ngoc Thong


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