Game market heat continues to rise, adds 11.11

In the third quarter of 2019, the proportion of thin and light books and game books was increasing, and the sales of game books was as high as 82%. and OEM brands launched new series and new products of reverse customization, which further promoted the explosion of the notebook market. During 11.11 Global Goods Festival, ’s new high-performance thin and light notebook category will add weight to the PC market again.

According to a recent market report released by Gartner, as of September 30, global PC shipments in the third quarter of 2019 climbed to 68 million units, an increase of 1.1% over the same period last year. This data indicates that the PC market is picking up, and it may become a turning point in the PC industry to reverse the situation. But it is certain that the growth of the PC market in the third quarter was achieved through the joint efforts of various brands.

In fact, in April 2018, when Intel released the latest generation of processors, it released a set of data: “China’s gaming notebook sales account for 56% of the global total.” Today, gaming books have become one of the most important forces for the continued expansion of the PC market. According to the “B2C E-commerce Platform Market Consumption Report in the Third Quarter of 2019”, in the third quarter of 2019, the proportion of thin and gaming books Increasingly, the trend of consumption upgrade is still obvious. The sales of game books are 82%, and the sales of thin and light books are 65%. Thin and light notebooks have become the driving force behind the continuous explosion of global PC shipments. Zh

· PC market is picking up Jingdong has become a powerful promoter of thin and light books and game books.

In the past few years, facing the long-term weak growth of the PC market, Gartner and IDC analysts agreed that the market demand for PCs can no longer be compared with the same day. In a saturated market, traditional conventions have been unable to arouse consumer desires, and users are increasingly segmented and demanded that PC products be diversified. This means that only by identifying the specific needs of users and customizing PC products for some groups of people can the calm water be activated again, and brand manufacturers can enter another sub-blue ocean.

But where does the innovation iteration of PC products come from? A 2016 user dialogue is the starting point of this innovative change. According to Li Yalong, general manager of the notebook business department of the computer and digital division of, in 2016, during conversations with users from all walks of life, they found differences in product demand between office workers and gamers. In order to alleviate the continuous decline in PC shipments caused by homogeneous competition, has launched two sub-categories of game books and thin and light books.

Predicting the professional requirements of e-sports people for PC equipment and its increasingly large consumer market, feedbacked this series of insights to major brand manufacturers and jointly explored the growth potential of game books: jointly launched Haier and Tsinghua Tongfang to launch Thor This brand of mechanical revolution games has helped HP launch the Shadow Elf series.

JD Reverse helps brand manufacturers launch new brands and new series, which is the first step for both parties to stimulate the explosion of game books. Later, with the development of e-sports into a global sporting event, has been promoting the optimization and upgrading of branded game books. In response to user demands in various aspects of storage, appearance, heat dissipation and other equipment, continued to promote HP to optimize the Shadow Elf series of game books during 2015-2019, and launched the Black Samurai series with Raytheon to upgrade the water cooling and appearance design. Explosion of “good value and strength”.

The insight into users, the ability to predict the industry, and the openness to brand manufacturers have allowed to form a dominant influence in the entire game market and become the driving force behind the continued outbreak of thin and light books. From November 1st to November 6th, 2018, ranked first in overall sales of the thin and light online market with a market share of 86.4%. From June 1st to June 18th, 2019, the sales volume of JD mid-to-high end games was 576% in the same period last year.

So far, the proportion of sales of thin and light notebooks on the JD platform has risen from 44% in 2016 to 95%, and the sales of HP Shadow Elf series have reached 20 billion. The most important thing is that on October 21, 2019, Jingdong’s cumulative sales of notebooks exceeded 50 million units, becoming the first platform in the Chinese market to climb to this peak, consolidating a new milestone in the development of Chinese PCs.

Recently, based on the research and investigation of notebook users, is keenly aware of a new trend, that is, designers, live broadcasters, programmers and other non-gamers, because of the high performance of the product to buy game books, and the proportion of people 25%, with a market volume of more than 20 million units per year. As a result, launched a new high-performance thin and light PC category.

At this year’s 11.11, and Dell, Acer and other brands launched high-performance thin and light new products, such as Acer Concept D, Dell Lingyue 7000, will also meet new users at a good price. This new category will also become another new growth point for the PC industry, detonating the upcoming JD.11.11.


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