Game agency cheating road: 100 billion game market, a dime does not belong to you

Low investment and quick return, low threshold and high profit! A computer, a monthly income of 100,000, easy to start a business! You heart it?

If your heart is moved, you are not far from being cut leek!

Recently, in a learning exchange group, the game teahouse saw a familiar friend sharing an advertisement for a “game agent” who easily earned a monthly income of one million. As a long-suffering author, he did not hesitate to chat privately on the spot. For this little friend, who knows that the reply received was “the account was hacked.”

Although the first venture was over before it even started, the author did not give up the opportunity to get rich easily. I immediately opened the browser and searched through the keywords of “game agent”, and quickly and successfully added to the contact information of several bosses.

Franchise cooperation model

After communicating with a number of game agents for a period of time, the game teahouse learned that the so-called “game agency” in their mouths is not the same as the game agency distribution we often say, but is more like a “milk tea shop franchise”. Cooperation model.

According to the agent, entrepreneurs only need to provide the agent with a franchise fee of tens of thousands to tens of thousands, and they will provide you with a milk tea shop (game download platform or game box) and cashier (data back office), and then join Consumers can choose a certain amount of milk tea (games) from their warehouse to put into their storefront, and then wait for the user to pay and collect the money easily.

According to the different franchise costs, the agents divide the franchisees into several different cooperation modes: first-level agent, second-level agent and third-level agent.

The franchise fee for the first-level agent ranges from 10,000 to 60,000. After the cooperation is reached, the franchisee can get an independent game platform. Some manufacturers even indicate that they can design their own logo and domain names. The first-level agent’s data backend is also independent. The player’s recharged data will be directly displayed on the background, and the first-level agent can directly withdraw cash. Of course, the income is also the income after sharing with the game manufacturer, and most agents say that they can get a share of 75%-80%.

Some second-level agents are also called basic promotion agency models. In this mode, franchisees do not need to pay franchise fees, but they need to pay an agency deposit ranging from thousands to 10,000 yuan, and the annual turnover reaches a certain standard. (Usually 100,000) can be returned in full, this is the common “free game agent” in publicity. In addition, the secondary agent does not have an independent game platform, or even an independent data background, and the withdrawal is basically a settlement cycle from T+1 to T+7, in which in addition to deducting the manufacturer’s share, the agent must be additionally paid by the agent Deduct 5%-10% of income.

Then the third-level agents are similar to the second-level agents. They have no independent platform and back-end data authority, and simply rely on game promotion to obtain revenue.

Difficulty in promoting customer acquisition

The entire cooperation process is not complicated, but is it really feasible?

First of all, all the benefits mentioned above come from the recharge of the players you brought in in the game. There are two points worth noting: one is that the user must enter the game through the invitation code or link you provide to be considered as your user, and the other is that the player must recharge. Then the number of players and the quality of players have become the most fundamental question of whether they can make a profit.

Everyone in the game industry knows that not to mention a game box that was born out of nowhere, even a product that is carefully developed and officially launched through multiple channels may not be able to obtain high-quality payment from various methods of purchasing volume. Users, not to mention the uneven product quality and the relatively small team size.

According to reports, in the field of game agency promotion, the most commonly used method of acquisition is to go to game groups, online communities, and forums for acquisition promotion, which is commonly known as small advertising. Regarding this point, some agents also said Corresponding user collection software can be provided. Even so, the game teahouse does not think that this will attract the interest of a large number of paying users.

The user’s entry into the game is not over yet. In order to retain the big R and motivate users to pay, all franchisees also need to join the game to accompany the game and stimulate player consumption. According to a small partner who has already joined, it is still difficult to obtain a “big R” with a recharge of more than 100 yuan even if it is a 20-hour day of promotion.

In summary, “game agency” is really not an easy business opportunity.

Problems with game quality and qualifications

In addition, the game quality and qualification issues that the platform can access are also worth considering. Although the several platforms I contacted stated that the games I had accessed were all licensed with genuine licenses, when I said that I wanted to see the licensing contracts of several popular games, the other party quickly changed the topic. On the other hand, in the game library provided by various agents, the game teahouse also found that many products did not have a version number, or the version number information did not match the game name.

After many interviews, I learned that there will indeed be many small R&D teams who will authorize games that have not yet been officially released to such game agents when the product has not yet won the version number. Through the promotion of the game agents, they have both You can get a wave of income first, and you can adjust and optimize the products that are more popular with players based on the feedback of these first batch of users, and then prepare the version number to prepare for the official launch, and those who perform poorly on the agency platform The product will be abandoned by them, thereby reducing the risk of trial and error when the product is officially launched.

Although the game teahouse fully understands the idea that some R&D partners intend to reduce the failure rate of product launches in this way, from the perspective of platform operations and promoters, these products without authorization or version number qualification must have huge potential risk.

The second and third level agency has the greatest risk

Among the above-mentioned cooperation modes, the most unprotected rights and interests are the second and third level agents under the first level agency.

Except for the first-level agents, most second- and third-level agents do not have independent data backends. Even if they do, their permissions will be restricted by the first-level agents. Therefore, when most second- and third-level agents withdraw funds, they cannot get the money directly. Instead, they need to wait for a time period of T+1 or even T+7, and wait for the funds to pass through the hands of the superior agent before they can finally get the money. in.

And an agent even directly stated that through the background operation, the first-level agent can easily change the user tags pulled by its second and third-level agents, and directly collect the recharge amount into the bag.

Although most agents stated before signing the contract that they will refund the deposit in full when the annual turnover reaches a certain scale, but many second- and third-level agents contacted by the game teahouse said that there are few real full refunds. Yes, even if the refund conditions are really met, the agent will refuse the refund due to various factors. Therefore, “free lunch” is just a gimmick for investment promotion.

In addition, although game agents like to use the topic of gratifying development in the game market to attract franchise, they also deliberately ignore the fact that most of the game market flows to the pockets of the top manufacturers.

A large number of service items listed by the other party before signing the contract may also disappear with the money in the wallet after the payment is completed.


Formal games on the market generally start to prepare for version number applications after confirming the project. In order to adapt to the market, multiple rounds of tests will be conducted. The specific test content is accurate to the game value, level difficulty, art design, and even the game icon; The game will be officially launched only when the account qualification, content optimization, operation and maintenance promotion resources are fully available; after the official launch, the major game manufacturers will use the 18 martial arts for promotion and purchase, and activate online and offline resources , To build momentum for the game, and continue to optimize and adjust the game based on player feedback during the same period; the revenue from the game will be divided into the hands of channel vendors, publishers and R&D teams according to the proportion agreed in advance.

Compared with the formal game publishing and promotion process, the “game agency” approach seems reasonable, but in fact, without multiple rounds of testing and purchase promotion, it is difficult for these games with unguaranteed quality to attract volume. In order to earn profits, all levels of agents can only rely on continuous development to make money off the assembly line in order to earn back the initial fee or deposit.

Therefore, the tea house believes that this kind of game agency advertisement is just trying to attract attention through exaggerated advertisements, waiting to harvest a batch of naive leeks. The game teahouse recommends that all friends who are interested in entering the game agency field, keep their eyes open, give up the pie-in-the-sky illusion as early as possible, confirm whether the cooperative agent is reliable, choose products with high quality and complete qualifications, and conduct in-depth research The most important thing for game promotion channels is to be prepared for a protracted battle!

Source: Game Tea House


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