Game 2D scene illustration tutorial, share 6 common composition methods

Today, the editor shared a two-dimensional scene illustration tutorial for the original artist. This tutorial was taught by the original artist JW. Mainly share 6 common composition methods.

Briefly introduce the original artist JW teacher, who has been in the industry for 3 years, and is now a freelance illustrator and independent game production as the main game beauty. He is good at the expression of mood and atmosphere, and has his own unique artistic opinions. I have participated in drawing posters, personal wallpapers, commercial illustrations, etc. At present, the wallpapers made by works are sold on major platforms such as Huawei Mall and vivo.

Classroom exercise

1,Common isSymmetrical composition,Stability, watch some excellent movies and draw on some composition. Buildings and water reflections are also symmetrical.

Symmetric composition method: it has the characteristics of calmness, tranquility, and stability. It is often used to express the calm lake surface, the rippling water surface, the endless Pingchuan, and the vast grassland.

2, the other isTriangle compositionThe triangle composition will be more stable and balanced. Focus on composition.

Triangle composition: The triangle has stability and a sense of balance and solidity, which is mostly used to reflect the quiet mood.

3,Vertical line compositionTrees, telephone poles as vertical lines,Then highlight the point, the point is the light source, and express the sense of rhythm when drawing the tree.

Vertical line composition method: Vertical line composition means that vertical lines are the main part in the picture. The trees at the beginning can fully show the height and depth of the scene.

4.Frame composition, Focus on the frame, the frame is not just a window, but also a cave, etc. There is a color contrast between the characters and the background. Composition is alive and can be drawn in a variety of compositions. This composition mainly expresses the content inside the box.

Frame composition: Frame composition refers to a composition method that uses the foreground object to form a frame to create a sense of occlusion, making people pay more attention to the scene inside the frame.

The foreground scene needs to have a certain degree of discrimination from the subject, such as color contrast, light and dark contrast, and clear-blur contrast. With the function of increasing the picture depth.

5.Light-centered composition. Elements are all guided to light, with light as the center and a main light source.

Light-centered composition method: the subject is at the center, and the surrounding scenery is concentrated toward the center, which can quickly and strongly direct people’s sight to the center of the subject, and play a role of gathering.

6, the material process of water ripples, add noise first.

Horizontal line composition method: When using this composition method, by arranging horizontal lines at different positions, people can bring different visual experiences.

Centering the horizontal line, if the horizontal line is placed in the center, it can give people a sense of balance and stability.

Move the horizontal line down. If you move the horizontal line down, you can strengthen the height of the sky.

Move the horizontal line up, and if you move the horizontal line, you can show the vastness of the earth or lake.

Original work of teacher JW

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