“Game 25 years” Super Mario 64 suddenly super glitter with RTX 3090 and Ray Tracing

Debuting in 1996, Super Mario 64 is now 25 years old. Even if compared to the average age of gamers at the present time, Nintendo’s blockbuster is older than most.

25-year-old game Super Mario 64 suddenly turned super glitter with RTX 3090 and Ray Tracing - Photo 1.

Released more than 2 decades ago, of course, the graphics platform of Super Mario 64 is out of date. However, with new mods and advanced hardware power, this 25-year-old game can still transform to shimmering beauty.

Using a graphic mod with RTX 3090 and Ray Tracing technology, YouTuber named Darío has turned Super Mario 64 into an extremely shiny game. For gamers who have had a special love for Mario, will surely be very pleased and admired with this beautiful version.

Running Super Mario 64 with Ray Tracing technology

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