Galaxy Z Fold 3 will be equipped with a camera hidden under the screen, launched in August 2021

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If you are expecting a Z Fold 3 with lots of drastic changes th & igrave; you are c & oacute; Thinking that way. Samsung will bring to the Z Fold more m & agrave grade; h & atilde; ng never before & aacute; p use. Not to mention the hidden camera system under Samsung’s first flagship. New technology c & oacute; t & ecirc; n call l & agrave; UPC (Under Pannel Camera), allows you to pass through the gaps between the pixels in your camera for taking pictures, combined with hardware for digital ho & aacute; The data fits right into the camera, thanks to the 2nd generation thin layer of ultra thin glass.

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In terms of architecture, the Z Fold 3 uses 256GB of memory when using the S Pen, operates Android 11 platform with One UI 3.5.

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Expected time to fall is around July or August 2021. H & atilde; wait and see if Samsung will bring us more surprises.

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Play New Year games on the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

( Samsung started 2021 with the Exynos 2100 equipped with the Galaxy S21 technology and development. Powerful performance, cool performance, ready to go on trends, and future user experience.

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