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Galaxy S11e "cheap" will have incredible battery capacity

Samsung has recently been reported to have started developing the Galaxy S11 series, a product line that traditionally will be launched early next year. Therefore, recently, we have been constantly seeing leaked information about the new Galaxy S series.

Today, SafetyKorea website has suddenly posted a battery certificate with model number EB-BG980ABY. That means this battery will belong to Samsung smartphone with model number G980. Earlier, the Galaxy S10e came with the model number SM-G970 so it is likely the battery of its successor – Galaxy S11e.

There is also a photo of the battery and although it is of poor quality, we can still see the parameters of 14.36 Wh and 3.85V. Therefore the capacity of this battery is 3,730 mAh.

Therefore, it is likely that the Galaxy S11e may be equipped with a normal battery of 3,800-3,900 mAh. Compared to the Galaxy S10e phone with a 3,100 mAh battery, this is a significant upgrade, up to 20% higher. And yet, the design of the battery has also changed, the Galaxy S10e has a rectangular battery, and the battery of the Galaxy S11e is square.

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The bigger battery is likely to support 5G mobile networks and the upcoming 90Hz screen, which is a feature that consumes quite a lot of battery. According to previous rumors, all Galaxy S11 models launched next year will be 5G enabled.

Sforum - Latest technology information Galaxy-S11-e-co-battery-can-3 Galaxy S11e "cheap" will have incredible battery capacity

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