Galaxy Note 10 will have RAM 12GB LPDDR5?

Galaxy Note 10 will have RAM 12GB LPDDR5?

Samsung today said it has begun mass production of 12GB RAM for smartphones, making rumors that Galaxy Note 10 will have this RAM option. DRAM that Samsung recently announced is LPDDR5 with the highest capacity of 12GB and achieved execution speed of up to 5500Mbps.

The new LPDDR5 DRAM is still made on 10nm technology and optimized for AI tasks as well as 5G. It will support video recording with ultra-high resolution and machine learning technology, while optimizing battery life for the device. The number that Samsung announced is 30% less power consumption with the new circuit design. Earlier this year, the Galaxy S10 Plus also had a high-end version with 12GB of RAM LPDDR4X technology at 4266Mbps.

Source: GSM Arena


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