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Galaxy Note 10 will have a feature to display the phone screen and send text messages to the PC

Expected, the Galaxy Note 10 product line will be officially launched by Samsung at an event that takes place on August 7 here.

It seems that the closer to the launch date, the leaked information about Galaxy Note 10 appears with increasing frequency. Most recently, a leak revealed that Samsung's upcoming flagship Note 10 could send text messages and notifications to PCs when in use. The phone can even display its entire screen on a PC and provide access to drag and drop content such as photos or videos.

However, according to Sammobiles, it seems that these are not features developed by Samsung itself. Instead, the report stated that the Korean manufacturer will announce the Galaxy Note 10 with Microsoft's Phone application.

Reportedly, Microsoft has demonstrated the screen display feature on your Phone application at the Surface event held in October last year. This application will display the phone screen straight on PC using Windows 10 and provide a list of all Android applications included in this smartphone. It also syncs text and notifications to your PC in real time and provides instant access to multimedia content.

This application has been available since last year and many Samsung devices, including the Galaxy S10 have supported it. Thus, Samsung will only need to install the application on the Galaxy Note 10 so that many people can start using it.

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