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Galaxy Note 10 will have 2 ToF sensors: Delete "top" fonts, better security?

Camera system of Galaxy S10 5G has up to 6 lenses, including main camera and selfie camera. The Galaxy Note 10 camera is expected to be upgraded even more. But instead of increasing the number of lenses, the Galaxy Note 10 will use the ToF sensor for both the main camera and the selfie camera.

Most likely Galaxy Note 10 will be equipped with 4 rear camera settings similar to Galaxy S10 5G, while the front dual camera cluster will have a ToF sensor instead of conventional image sensors like Galaxy S10 5G.

ToF (Time-of-Flight) sensors are becoming more and more popular on smartphones thanks to the ability to receive accurate depth for most objects in front of the camera lens. That helps the ToF sensor to support photographic deletion very well, better than conventional distance measuring sensor.

Currently there are many smartphones on the market equipped with ToF sensors for main camera clusters such as OPPO R17 Pro, Vivo NEX Dual Display and Galaxy S10 5G. However, equipped for selfie camera cluster only LG G8.

According to South Korean media sources, Samsung is planning to increase the ToF sensor output to provide the Galaxy Note 10 that will be available in the next 2 months. In particular, the main supply base is MCNEX, currently being invested 11 million USD in Vietnam exclusively for the production of ToF sensors, besides the authorized Patron supplier. These preparation moves show that Samsung not only wants to increase the number of ToF sensors on the Galaxy Note 10, but also for the S-series or bring down the high-end and mid-range.

The ToF sensor not only applies to cameras, but can also be used as a biometric sensor. Remember the TrueDepth sensor on the iPhone received 30,000 points to draft your 3D face, while the ToF sensor can map to 300,000 points at a distance of more than 3m, very impressive! Thanks to that, LG developed the unique Hand ID feature on LG G8 to control the smartphone by hand gestures. Excluding the possibility that Samsung will also integrate new security features for Galaxy Note 10 based on ToF.

Hand ID feature on LG G8

Not only that, the latest ToF sensor on smartphones has a small size, good performance and energy saving than the predecessor generation. Perhaps the trend of equipping ToF sensors for smartphones will become stronger in the near future?

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