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Galaxy Note 10 achieves high-level certification, confirming the 25W fast charger

New certification has confirmed that Galaxy Note 10 is only equipped with 25W fast charging technology.

It seems that the closer to the launch date, the leaked information about the Galaxy Note 10 product line appears with increasing frequency. Most recently, Samsung's new generation flagship has just been approved by the Chinese 3C agency and thanks to that we have an interesting information about this phone.

Specifically, according to the list revealed by 3C agency, Galaxy Note 10 will come with a quick charger with EP-TA800 model number with a maximum capacity of 25W. While earlier, the well-known leaker Ice Univeser revealed that the Note 10+ variant will support the 45W fast charger but only comes with a 25W charger. Thus, in addition to the size, battery capacity and rear camera system, the difference between Samsung's new generation Galaxy Note models also comes from fast charging technology.

Notably, a recent report has stated that the successor of Note 9 will be equipped with Samsung's fast charging technology not 20W. Of which, the Note 10 is rumored to come with 4,170 mAh battery, while this number on the Note 10+ is 4,500 mAh.

Let's wait and see if Samsung will bring surprises to fans during the Unpacked event that takes place on August 7!


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