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Galaxy Fold's design has been fixed and these are the main changes

Internal sources of Samsung said the Galaxy Fold has been redesigned to fix a less-than-durable screen error.

Not long ago, Samsung CEO, DJ Koh admitted that the company was too hasty to launch Galaxy Fold while the product was not ready. However, Samsung will continue to develop folding screen smartphones, the device is expected to be widely used in the future.

In fact, some of Samsung's internal staff have revealed that the company has just finished 2 months of fixing Galaxy Fold's design error. Accordingly, they decided to stretch the protective film to cover the entire screen, and fixed it under the edges of the machine so that the component did not peel off under the action of the nail, while narrowing the gap between the screen. shapes and frames to prevent dust from entering causing damage.

A new element in design is a new hinge that will push up from the middle of the screen to further stretch the protective film. This is said to have two benefits. One is that it will make the protective film more solid and not to be confused with ordinary screen stickers. Secondly, it will reduce the fold at the Galaxy Fold's foldable screen, which can be seen with the naked eye when it first launches.

Samsung is said to have almost completed the most complete version of Galaxy Fold. However, the time when the Galaxy Fold was re-introduced to the public has not been determined. This is understandable because after the serious Galaxy Fold incident, Samsung had to be really careful and thoroughly test different options before the Galaxy Fold "re-exported".

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