Galaxy Fold has a great future, leveling up its image 1

Galaxy Fold is completely redesigned, ready for mass production

Samsung made the tech world admiring the announcement of a folding screen phone Galaxy Fold at the event in February. At that time, both the Galaxy Fold design and software seemed to be quite complete. Samsung also promises to sell Galaxy Fold in the global market from April, just a little slower than the model Galaxy S10.

However, the Galaxy Fold launch goal in April could not be achieved, as many reviewers and technology reporters reflected the OLED screen error of Fold. Samsung said it will fix the problem and release "after a few days", but two months have passed and the Galaxy Fold has not yet been sold.

The Galaxy Fold with black stripes in the middle and the left part loses visibility. Image: Steve Kovach.

According to the Bloomberg, In the past 2 months Samsung has actively redesigned the Galaxy Fold. Now this phone is nearly complete to be able to produce mass production. However, Samsung has not been able to accurately date the Fold sale to users.

One of the details that leads to the failure of Fold's screen is a protective film that is affixed to the OLED screen. Many people try to peel off this film and immediately damage the screen. Samsung has made a larger protective plate, wrapped over the outer edge of the screen to ensure users cannot peel it off by hand.

Another detail is said to make the perishable screen a hinge of the machine. In the fix version, the hinges are pushed a little higher to help stretch the protection plate when the machine is fully opened. In addition, pushing the hinge with the screen helps reduce folds after a period of use.

Galaxy Fold has a great future, leveling up its image 2
Easy-to-peel protective film and hinge design are considered to be the reasons for Galaxy Fold's screen to be easily damaged. Image: The Verge.

The source of Bloomberg Also said Samsung is ready to ship Galaxy Fold assembly components, including monitors and batteries, to factories in Vietnam for mass production. However, Galaxy Fold may not appear again at the event on August 7, when Samsung launched the Galaxy Note 10 model in New York (USA).

Although Galaxy Fold will be available this year, this model will not make a significant contribution to Samsung's smartphone sales.

The Korean phone company sold 290 million smartphones in 2018, according to analyst Analytics Strategy, but will only produce about 1 million phones in 2019.

Besides the Galaxy Fold, Samsung is also developing a fold-down smartphone. Vice President Chung Eui-suk confirmed that the company also has the idea of ​​a roll-on or stretching machine in the future.

After the US embargo on Huawei, Samsung will benefit? Samsung Group is considered one of the companies that will benefit the most from the US embargo on Huawei. However, Samsung should be cautious because this may be a "double-edged sword".


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