Galaxy Fold has not been released yet in June 2019, will still sell later

Galaxy Fold has not been released yet in June 2019, will still sell later

Samsung has delayed the release of Galaxy Fold until June 2019, but currently the Korean electronics company has not yet had more updates on the release time of their first flip phone. DJ Koh, Samsung's chief operating officer, said a few weeks ago that the device would soon be released, but this information has not been announced by Samsung yet.


Screen error is the reason why Samsung must check the hardware design of the device.

According to sources from the media in Korea, Galaxy Fold will not be able to debut in June 2019. Channel Yonhap said the company is checking the stability of the hardware with more time than expected. In addition, the Galaxy Fold also needs to be re-certified to be able to be used with mobile networks. Another thing worth noting is that Huawei is having problems with the United States so more or less influences Fold's direct competitor Mate X, so Samsung doesn't need to rush to launch the product either. . They continue to have more time to fix the problems.

The US Federal Communications Commission FCC put the deadline for Samsung to cancel the Galaxy Fold's pre-order for $ 2,000 as the last day of May, if they don't have any feedback on the delay. All the information gathered shows that Samsung still has a Galaxy Fold distribution plan, which will of course be slower than the company's expectations.

Refer: Engadget

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