Samsung fixed the Galaxy Fold error but did not specify the release date

Galaxy Fold has fixed the error but did not know which day to sell – VnReview

Samsung said it has repaired the fold-up Galaxy Fold smartphone but has not revealed the official release date.

According to the Theverge, Samsung redesigned Galaxy Fold to solve screen durability issues. Thus, the first flip phone of the Korean company will soon be put into commercial production in the near future. However, the company still cannot confirm the release date. The source from Blommberg said the phone is likely to be "revived" at the Galaxy Note 10 launch event next month.

According to the source, Samsung redesigned the Galaxy Fold by seamlessly attaching the screensaver to the surrounding borders to prevent users from peeling off by hand. Previously, users could easily mistake this protection layer as a screen seal when buying a new device.

Although Samsung tried to warn that peeling off this protective layer may affect the device on the packaging, but most people who have the luck of testing the Galaxy Fold from the beginning didn't notice this detail.

The Galaxy Fold was sent to The Verge to generate another problem: it had a faint fold on the screen, at the hinge position and could damage OLED panels. It is not clear whether Samsung has redesigned the hinge to solve this problem.

Although Samsung has not revealed the exact time to sell Galaxy Fold, Bloomberg affirmed that it will almost certainly be released this year.

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