Sforum - Latest technology information page samsung-galaxy-a80-1-of-8 Galaxy A80 has been on display at CellphoneS, inviting you to experience products

Galaxy A80 has been on display at CellphoneS, inviting you to experience the product

After about 3 months of launch, Samsung Galaxy A80 was finally available at all CellphoneS stores.

With the actual design of the overflow screen thanks to the unique rotating rear camera cluster, Samsung Galaxy A80, although not cheap, still receives a lot of attention from users.

After about a month of waiting to receive information about this phone, the Samsung Galaxy A80 has now been displayed at CellphoneS stores so you can experience and contact more with the product. This unique.

Along with that, Samsung Galaxy A80 will soon be sold at CellphoneS in a short time with the expected price of 14,990,000 VND. Those who are interested and want to own a Galaxy A80 can register to receive information about the product to catch it right away when the phone is sold at CellphoneS.

REGISTER Receive Galaxy A80 news

Recall some key information about the configuration and specifications of the device. Samsung Galaxy A80 has a true overflow screen Super AMOLED 6.7 inch and 1080 × 2400 resolution combined Gorilla Glass toughened glass surface 3.

Samsung has equipped this phone with an 8-core processor in the high-end segment, Qualcomm Snapdragon 730. Comes with 8GB of RAM and 128GB internal memory. The phone is not equipped with a memory card slot.

Sforum - Latest technology information page samsung-galaxy-a80-2-of-8 Galaxy A80 has been on display at CellphoneS, inviting you to experience products

To create a true overflow screen for the device but do not use the selfie pop-up camera technology, Samsung decided to equip Galaxy A80 with a rotating camera cluster that offers the ability to capture both on the back and front . This set of 3 cameras includes a 48MP f / 2.0 main camera, an 8MP f / 2.2 camera and 1 TOF 3D camera.

Besides, Samsung Galaxy A80 is also equipped with fingerprint sensor under the screen. 3.700mAh battery holder with 25W fast charge support.

To be able to see the Samsung Galaxy A80 phone with your own eyes and experience directly in this high-end segment, please come to CellphoneS stores right from today. Certainly the unique features are also eye-catching design of Galaxy A80 will not disappoint users.

REGISTER Receive Galaxy A80 news

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