G-Tune P3 real machine review! Even though it’s a gaming notebook, it’s mobile size, and I’m happy that it can be used for other purposes than games!

Main image of mouse computer G-Tune P3

“Mouse computer G-Tune P3” real machine reviewis.

The review machine is a rental exhibition from the manufacturer.
* Even if it is a rental item, we will review it in good faith, including the disadvantages.

First I found out by reviewing“Recommended points and features”When“Points to note”I will give you.

You can check the points and cautions just by looking here.

    ■ Recommended points and features

  • 13.3-inch mobile size gaming notebook
  • With Thunderbolt 3
  • ▲ ① is Thunderbolt 3

  • Triple display possible
  • You can connect two external displays.

  • 24/7 support included

    ■ Notes

  • Since it is a glare liquid crystal, it has different tastes

  • ▲ It’s a glare LCD, so it’s vivid, but it’s easy to see

Mouse computer G-Tune P3 “on the official websiteicon

■ Specifications(Including items that can be customized)

OS Windows 10 Home / Pro
display 13.3 inches Full HD (resolution 1920 x 1080), glare (gloss)
CPU Intel Core i7-8709G
memory 16GB
storage 512GB-2TB SSD
Graphics Radeon RX Vega M GH Graphics (4GB)
size About 307 x 215 x 19.9 mm(Excluding protrusions)
weight 1.7 kg

* Specifications as of March 19, 2020. It may change in the future.

table of contents

  • -Checking ease of use-
  • ▶ Size
  • ▶ Weight measurement: 1,685 grams
  • ▶ Interface
  • ▶ Keyboard
  • ▶ Speaker
  • ▶ Display

    • Glare (glossy) liquid crystal makes it easy to see
  • ▶ Check battery life
  • ▶ Quality check
  • ――Processing performance check ――
  • ▶ Graphics performance
  • ▶ CPU performance check
  • ▶ SSD data transfer rate
  • ――Appearance and other checks ――
  • ▶ Appearance
  • ▶ Accessories
  • ▶ Review summary of the mouse computer “G-Tune P3”

-Checking ease of use-

▶ Size

It is a size comparison with Semi-B5 Notebook (university notebook).

  Size comparison of A4 paper and G-Tune P3

Thinness of G-Tune P3

College notes 252 x 179 mm
A4 size 297 x 210 mm
G-Tune P3 307 x 215 mm (x thickness 19.9 mm)
(Excluding protrusions)

The width and depth are close to A4 size, making it easy to carry even a standard size business bag.

Placed in a business bag

Place it on your side

▶ Weight measurement: 1,685 grams

Where we are weighing

Body About 1,685g
AC adapter + power cable About 524g

It’s not light when you think of it as a “13.3-inch mobile notebook,” but it is lightweight when you think of it as a “gaming notebook.”

▶ Interface

■ Right side

right side

Right side up

① USB Type-C(USB3.1 / Tnunderbolt 3)

③ USB Type-A (USB3.0)

It is a nice point to have Tnunderbolt 3 installed.

You can connect a total of two external displays using the USB Type-C terminal and HDMI terminal.

Not only dual display but also “display of main unit” + “2 external displays” can be used for triple display.

■ Left side

left side

Left side up

① Power supply terminal
② USB Type-A(USB3.0)

③ Microphone / headphone jack

It’s a pity that there is no SD card slot.

▶ Keyboard


▲ Click to enlarge

The keystroke (distance at which the key sinks) is about 1.5 mm, and the keystroke feeling is reasonable.

Since there is no Ctrl key in the lower right, those who normally use the lower right Ctrl key should be careful.

I prefer the arrow keys to have a wider width, but the row with the arrow keys is still a bit wider.

Since the space key is large, there is no stress during conversion and it is easy to use.

▼ Key top (key surface) is almost flat.

Key top up image

The keystroke sound is small and squeaky, not loud, but not so quiet.

Up the keyboard diagonally

Comparison with desktop PC keyboard

I compared it with a keyboard for desktop PC.

Comparison with desktop PC keyboard

Some of the keys to the left of the Enter key are smaller.

▼ The key pitch used for Romaji input is 18 mm or more.

Key pitch

The palm rest was large enough.

Place your hands on the palm rest

Backlit keyboard

The keyboard backlight can be turned on / off with the Fn + F3 keys.

Keyboard backlight

The brightness of the keyboard backlight is only one level, and the brightness cannot be adjusted.

Although it is a gaming notebook, the color of the keyboard backlight cannot be changed.

Touch pad

Touch pad

The clicking sound when you press the touchpad is about normal volume.

In addition,Touchpad can be disabled / enabled with Fn + F1So convenient.

▶ Speaker

G-Tune P3 isQuad speaker (4 speakers)Equipped with.

The speaker positions are “hinge side” and “bottom”.

Mouse computer G-Tune P3 speaker

▲ Speaker next to the hinge

Speaker on the bottom of the main unit

▲ Bottom speaker

The speaker next to the hinge has a small speaker diameter, and the sound power does not reach that much, so

“Because it has quad speakers, I think the sound is really good ~”

If you expect too much, you may eat the shoulder watermark.

However, I think that the sound loss is better than a laptop computer with only the bottom of the speaker,

In terms of enjoying games and music, quad speakers are an advantage.

▶ Display

LCD display front

Even if it is angled, it gets a little dark and the viewing angle is wide.

Viewing angle check Seen from the side

▲ When viewed from the side with an angle

Color gamut

The color gamut is quite wide.

Color gamut

■ Coverage

sRGB 93%
Adobe RGB 72%
NTSC 70%

* These are the values ​​measured by us, so there may be differences depending on the environment and measuring equipment.

Glare (glossy) liquid crystal makes it easy to see

The display of the mouse computer G-Tune P3 is vivid and beautiful, but it’s glare (glossy) liquid crystal, so it’s easy to see.

How light is reflected on the display

Since extra reflections will be a hindrance when playing the game,To be honest, it was better to use non-glareis not it.

▶ Check battery life

Assuming use for typing and browsing the internet,Measures battery lifeDid.

■ Actual measurement of battery drive time

Used for browsing the Internet and typing text
(Load: light)
7 hours 23 minutes
(Load: medium)
3 hours 11 minutes
* Time until battery level falls below 20%

* Display brightness: Measured at 80%. The darker the display, the longer the battery life will be.

Tap (click) here to see measurement conditions, etc.

■ Battery drive time measurement conditions

  • Display brightness: 80%
  • Battery saving function: Turned on when the remaining battery power is 20% or less
  • Web browsing: Open 5 tabs in web browser and display website in each tab. The tabs are automatically reloaded every minute.
  • typing: Use BBench software to input typing automatically every 10 seconds.
  • Under the above conditions, measure from 100% battery remaining.

■ About “PC Mark 8 HOME” items

This is a battery life measurement test using the software “PC Mark 8”.
It also includes operation tests that affect battery life, such as browsing 3D images on websites and video chats.
The drive time of PCMark 8 HOME is the time until the battery level falls below 20%.

The gaming notebook does not mean that the battery life is extremely short.

▶ Quality check

I tried to see how noisy it would be under load.

Measured from a distance of 30 cm in height and 30 cm in depth from the hinge part, taking into consideration the position of the ears during use.

When idle Almost silent
* Able to hear a small operation sound when approaching the ears
Benchmark test Up to around 50.5db

Even though it’s a mobile size, it’s a gaming notebook, so the sound is a bit loud when the fans start to work hard.

If you hear a loud exhaust noise in a quiet place such as the study room, you may be a little worried.

I think it’s okay in cafes and the like because it will be drowned out by the surrounding sounds.

■ Standard of noise (decibels)

Pretty noisy 70db Inside a noisy office
Noisy 60db Normal conversation in a moving car
usually 50db Quiet office
quiet 40db Quiet residential area, library
Very quiet 30db Midnight suburbs
Almost inaudible 20db Sound of snow

* The table is for reference only.

Mouse computer G-Tune P3 “on the official website

――Processing performance check ――

▶ Graphics performance

Mouse computer G-Tune P3 is equipped with “AMD Radeon RX Vega M GH (4GB)” for graphics.

3DMark score
Fire Strike 8501
Time Spy 3083

* Average value measured three times. Round less than 1.

Dragon Quest X Benchmark
Standard quality
(1920 × 1080)
5598 comfortable
FF14 Jet Black Villains Benchmark
1920 x 1080 standard quality (notebook PC) 12289 Very comfortable
High quality
1920 x 1080
3038 usually
Standard quality
1920 x 1080
4377 usually

FF15, which is a heavy game, has a graphics performance that seems to move.

Depending on the game, it may be better to reduce the image quality, but it seems that most games can be played unless it is a very heavy game.

▶ CPU performance check

The CPU of this review machine is“Intel Core i7-8709G Processor (3.1-4.1GHz)”is.


PassMark CPU benchmark test result: 10969

Average of the same CPU at PassMark 7993*It’s a lot higher than the above, so the CPU performance is solid.
* Average value as of March 23, 2020


  CINEBENCH R20 test results

Multi-core 1981
Single core 423

The Core i7-8709G installed in this unit is a performance that can be used for business purposes, etc., and can be used for some creative purposes.

▶ SSD data transfer rate

Storage transfer rate

With standard specifications, it is this speed with SSD of NVMe compatible PCIe3.0 × 2 connection.

By the way, when ordering, you can customize it to PCIe 3.0 x 4 or change to SSD with larger capacity.

SSD information

  SSD information

It was an SSD made by Western Digital.

* Even laptop computers with the same model number may have SSDs from different manufacturers installed.

Mouse computer G-Tune P3 “on the official website

――Appearance and other checks ――

▶ Appearance

Appearance of mouse computer G-Tune P3. Cool angle from diagonally above

From the display side, it looks like a business notebook.

The combination of the G-Tune logo and the simple black top plate is quite cool and cool.

Appearance of G-Tune P3 Diagonal from the top side

There is no flashiness like “a gaming PC”, so it doesn’t seem strange even if you use it at a cafe.

The top plate logo has a sense of quality because it has a slightly three-dimensional appearance rather than just painting.

Top plate logo up

Folded up from diagonally above

Palm rest up

The bottom of the body

I opened the display to the point where I could open it. Open up to this.

View from the side where you opened the display up to where you can open the display

It is also equipped with a 1 million pixel Web camera.

▶ Accessories

It is a set of accessories.

Image of accessories

AC adapter, power cable, instruction manual, etc. are included.

▶ Review summary of the mouse computer “G-Tune P3”

This is a summary of reviews for “Mouse Computer G-Tune P3”.

Appearance of mouse computer G-Tune P3

Because it’s a mobile-sized gaming PC,A single device fulfills both the roles of “working / working outside” and “playing games at home”.is.

What I was interested in was the glare (glossy) liquid crystal.

If you’re worried about reflections, you can put a low-reflective type protective film on your hands, but be aware that poor quality protective films are also available.

It’s about 1.7kg, so it’s a little heavy to carry, but

If you put it in a “backpack” that can hold a laptop computer and carry it on your back, I think that men can carry it without feeling too heavy.

Mouse computer G-Tune P3 “on the official website

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