Fuzhou Airport sets up an open air bridge

Fuzhou Changle International Airport is the first large-scale modern international airport wholly invested by local governments in China, and it has set up an air bridge for Fuzhou to open to the outside world. The airport was successfully launched in the early 1990s, and it was inseparable from General Secretary Xi ’s advanced strategic thinking and his efforts. In recent years, the Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government have continued General Secretary Xi ’s work ideas and strategic ideas, keeping in mind the entrustment, and constructing Fuzhou Airport as the Hesse Gateway Hub Airport, constructing a high-level open platform, integrating into the construction of Binhai New City, and promoting the opening of Fuzhou ’s open door. Hit away. Story Review “In 1990, after Secretary Xi worked in Fuzhou, he thought that the traffic problems of Fuzhou airport were a barrier that directly affected the opening up to the outside world. Foreign capital could not enter, domestic materials could not be flowed out, and personnel exchanges were inconvenient. After careful consideration, he Determined to solve the airport problem, and proposed the idea of ​​constructing a modern large-scale airport in Fuzhou in early 1991. Therefore, in the spirit of ‘get it right now’, in August 1991, a project report was formally submitted to finance the construction of a new airport. This plan was obtained by the state With the support of the Civil Aviation Administration and the State Planning Commission, it was approved on June 3, 1992. It immediately set up a preparatory group (headquarters) to quickly carry out preparatory work. A groundbreaking ceremony was held at Changle Zhanggang site on New Year’s Day in 1993. After more than 4 years of hard work, it was officially opened to traffic on June 23, 1997. From conception, planning, establishment of the organization, selection of the team to design planning, fundraising, construction and construction, etc., all are made by Secretary Xi. He proposed a scale of 6.5 million passengers per year. The airport is not behind for 20 years. “——Excerpted from the interview record of” Xi Jinping in Fuzhou “. On the morning of the 20th, the self-service check-in equipment was lined up in the spacious new domestic check-in hall of Fuzhou Airport. The check-in equipment is operated, and there is no longer a long line in front of the counter, making boarding easier and more comfortable. The new domestic check-in hall was added after the second round of airport expansion at the end of last year. By expanding the main building east and north and the finger corridor south and north, the terminal area increased by 79,000 square meters to 216,000 square meters. Added 32 self-service check-in devices and two sets of smart security channels with face recognition. “The current terminal building is full of humanism from layout to process, and the experience of self-service equipment is also very good. It is full of international standards,” said Mr. Chen, a passenger. It is understood that in 2015, the annual passenger throughput of Fuzhou Airport exceeded 10 million passengers for the first time; in 2018, Fuzhou Airport completed 14.39 million passenger throughput. From 2009 to 2018, the average annual passenger throughput growth rate of Fuzhou Airport reached 11.4%. According to the construction strategy of “one design, one construction” proposed by the General Secretary that year, Fuzhou Airport started two rounds of expansion and reconstruction in 2012 and 2015, and the annual passenger support capacity was increased from 13 million to 25 million. The expert review meeting on the feasibility of the second-phase expansion project of Fuzhou Airport was completed on the 17th. The second-phase expansion will be designed in accordance with the scale of 36 million passenger throughput, 450,000 tons of cargo and mail throughput, and 280,000 aircraft movements in 2030. After completion, Fuzhou Airport will enter the era of “two runways and two terminals”. Continuing the struggle “Fuzhou Airport as an important project personally cared for and promoted by General Secretary Xi in that year, its development strategic positioning and engineering construction concepts are in the same vein as Beijing Daxing Airport. After organizing study interviews, the airport people feel proud and glorious!” Yuanxiang Fuzhou Liu Yuhai, secretary of the Party Committee and general manager of the airport company, said with vigor. Today’s Fuzhou Airport has become one of the busiest airports on the southeast coast of China, and it is also an important gateway airport for the “Belt and Road”. There are 116 domestic and international routes, and more than 300 aircraft takeoffs and landings each day. The airport’s ardent expectations and entrustment of “windows for the display of Bamin culture”. Liu Yuhai said that the next few years will be an important opportunity period for Fuzhou Airport development. Under the care and guidance of governments at all levels, Yuanxiang Fuzhou Airport will continue to actively respond to the development strategy proposed by the General Secretary in the eastward and southward direction to accelerate integration into the construction of Binhai New City. In accordance with the main line of “strengthening safety, focusing on humanities, advancing transport and construction, breaking through bottlenecks, and accelerating development”, we will work hard to build Fuzhou Airport into the best international airport.

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