Future in the wooden frame of MU: De Gea or Henderson?  Photo 1

Future in the wooden frame of MU: De Gea or Henderson?

David De Gea has been making more and more mistakes in recent seasons, and will Ole consider in the future choose Dean Henderson as the number one guard?

David De Gea is no longer the number one “Guardian”

From the 2018/19 season up to now, David De Gea has made 8 direct mistakes, leading to a loss after 97 matches. Be aware that in the previous 7 seasons, De Gea’s number of mistakes was only 6.

The Spaniard’s prime years seem to lie in the reign of Louis van Gaal, an unbeatable De Gea that has made Real Madrid crave for a long time.

Will De Gea continue to be MU’s number one goalkeeper in the future?

In the season after Sir Alex Ferguson, De Gea was always the brightest star of the Red Devils. He won four times the title of MU Player of the Year. However, it is impossible for the past glory to deny the fact that De Gea’s position is no longer the same.

Mistakes have gradually appeared with more frequency, and MU has to pay the price for those mistakes. If Ole needs a change, or at least needs a plan to put pressure on the 30-year-old goalkeeper, Old Trafford already has such a person, a true son of the Red Devils.

Dean Henderson is growing more and more mature, will Ole dare change?

Goalkeeper Dean Henderson is one of the best goalkeepers in the Premier League for the 2019/20 season. He was called back to Man United to prepare for the 2020/21 campaign in hopes of creating a fair competition for number one with David De Gea.

Future in the wooden frame of MU: De Gea or Henderson?  Photo 1
Or will Dean Henderson emerge and become the main guard of the Red Devils?

Although he did not play as often as last season, Dean Henderson often impresses with his composure, good readability and excellent reflexes like the man when he has the opportunity to stand. in wooden frame.

MU fans also sympathize with the British goalkeeper, though he is also a true “Red Devil”. The other thing lies in Ole Gunnar Solskjaer: Do you dare to risk making a change or will you continue to be safe with De Gea, even though the performance of the Spaniard has somewhat decreased?

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