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Fushigi Dagashiya Zenitendou – Please buy candy!

Recently, on Monday, the official website for the Fushigi Dagashiya Zenitendou TV anime series is based on a children’s novel by Reiko Hiroshima and illustrated by jyajya, which announced the cast, the staff and the timeline. Official wave. The anime series will air on September 8.

The two newly announced actors include:

Nobue Iketani vào vai Beniko

Katayama Fukujurō as Sumimaru (no image)

The staffing team involved in the project includes:

  • Directors: Satoshi Tomioka
  • Studio: Toei Animation and Kanaban Graphics
  • Writer: Yūji Kobayashi
  • Sound director: Satoru Matsuda
  • Compose music: MICHIRU

Musician emi noda will perform for the opening song “Kisōtengai Fushigi o Dōzo” in the meantime KOCHO will perform the ending song “Hanya Maru Manten, Zenitenya”.

The story focuses on the mysterious Zenitendou candy and snack shop, where only the lucky lucky ones can see it. The owner of this shop is called Beniko and is able to recommend people the perfect candy to solve various problems. However, things will go differently if the person eats the candy improperly. Whether Beniko candies or cakes can bring good luck or unhappiness depends on the person who receives them.

The first volume of the novel was released in May 2013 and Kaiseisha released the 13th volume on April 16 of this year.

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