Full-bodied puzzle game “Prison Princess” Ranger special station launched

Chinese name: 公主 公主
English name: Prison Princess
Production Company: Qureate
Issuing company: Qureate
Game Type: Adventure Game AVG
gaming platform:
Game languages: Japanese, Chinese, English
Release Date: 2020-01-30

Ranger Network

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game introduction

“Prison Princess” is a beautiful girl adventure puzzle game. Players will play the brave without body to guide the princess to escape. The game is priced at 1980 yen (about 126 yuan) and will land on January 30, 2020 Nintendo Switch, eShop is currently preloaded.

Game Features

A brave man without a body cannot investigate things or solve a mystery on his own.

To help the two princesses flee, they must solve various mysteries. When looking for clues, the entire room must be inspected. Test your wisdom as a brave!

There are many designs in the game that must be unlocked by the princess! Due to the time limit for solving puzzles, brave men should not be attracted by the princess’ “weird” posture and delay precious time! Every move of the brave will be possible … will affect the fate of the princess and the brave …! Hmm … can only say that it is possible!

Game screenshots

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