Full blood performance, ultimate experience, glory hunter game book V700 hot pre-sale

The Honor Hunter gaming laptop V700 integrates the latest high-performance mobile processors and powerful graphics cards. With industry-leading structural design capabilities, it achieves a thin and light body and a “full screen” giant screen, plus innovative wind valley design and efficient heat dissipation. System, the whole machine has no shortcomings. Currently in the hot booking, you can enjoy a discount of 100 yuan to 600 yuan, and the lowest price is only 6999.

On September 16, Honor launched its first gaming laptop: Honor Hunter Gaming laptop V700, which is equipped with a 16.1-inch large screen, a tenth-generation Intel Core processor and NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 graphics card, and a thin and light body. , And there is a multi-screen collaborative intelligent interaction function, the whole machine is full of highlights. Once released, it attracted the attention of the industry and the onlookers of consumers.

In the design of the body, the Honor Hunter V700 has a very high degree of recognition, which is not the same as the products currently on the market. The A side of the fuselage is made of high-quality aluminum alloy materials, combined with anodizing process, to further improve the wear resistance and hardness of the fuselage. The blue hunter shoulder line with the talent of Honor Hunter and the Honor Hunter logo with a gloomy light on the A side make the whole machine beautiful and powerful.

As a notebook equipped with a 16.1-inch screen, the overall size of the Honor Hunter Gaming Notebook V700 is only 369.7mm×253mm×19.9mm, which is equivalent to a traditional 15-inch notebook. The body thickness is only 19.9mm, which is extremely thin and has changed. The traditional image of the game book. The 16.1-inch large screen has excellent display quality, with a screen resolution of 1920*1080, a high color gamut of 100% sRGB (typical), and a contrast ratio of up to 1000:1. Whether playing games or playing high-definition video, it can present users with vivid details and vivid pictures.

For gaming laptops, the hardware configuration is very important. The Honor Hunter Gaming laptop V700 is equipped with up to the tenth-generation Intel Core i7-10750H processor, 6-core 12-thread design, and a maximum core frequency of 5.0GHz, with strong performance. In terms of graphics card, the Honor Hunter gamebook V700 is equipped with NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 ray tracing discrete graphics card, with up to 1920 stream processors, with 192 Bit GDDR6 6G video memory, has an excellent experience in high-quality 3A games and creative production work.

In addition, the whole system is equipped with 16GB dual-channel high-speed memory as standard, and the hard disk can be equipped with 512GB/1TB high-performance PCIe NVMe solid state hard disk. At the same time, it reserves upgrade and expansion space to facilitate users to upgrade further.

Under the same hardware configuration, the heat dissipation capacity directly affects the actual performance of the gaming notebook. The Honor Hunter gamebook V700 innovatively uses a lift-up wind valley design. When the screen is turned on, it will automatically open the bottom wind valley channel to form an 8.5mm air intake three-dimensional wind valley, which increases the air intake by 40% compared to when it is not opened. Coupled with the Heiyao radiator with a heat dissipation area of ​​up to 28542mm² and two powerful 12V fans, it brings a strong heat dissipation capacity, so it also allows the Honor Hunter gaming laptop V700 to have excellent performance in the case of a thin and light body. Play.

According to our actual measurement, in an environment with a room temperature of 25°C, the Honor Hunter game V700 top version model uses AIDA64 FPU+FurMark dual copy for 15 minutes, the CPU power consumption is stable at 45W, the frequency is 3.1GHz, the temperature is 89°C, and the GPU temperature is also At only 78°C, the total power consumption of the graphics card (Broad Power Draw) has reached an astonishing 98.1W. Both the processor and the graphics card ensure continuous high-performance output.

It is based on such a strong heat dissipation capability that the Honor Hunter Gaming V700 is extremely good in the measured game performance, and has a significant frame rate advantage compared to competing products. Coupled with a customized gaming-grade four-color area backlit keyboard, players can get an excellent control experience on the Honor Hunter gamebook V700.

In addition, the Honor Hunter gaming notebook V700 is also equipped with an innovative multi-screen collaboration function, adding a one-touch recording highlight moment function, players only need to shake their phone and touch the touchpad during a healthy game. Rewind the exciting game moments 30 seconds forward and 30 seconds backward, which is very convenient to recall the wonderful performance in the game. The multi-screen collaboration function of the Honor Hunter Gaming Notebook V700 also supports an enhanced mobile game live broadcast experience. With the help of the powerful distributed screen projection capability of multi-screen collaboration, the screen and sound of the mobile game are completely synchronized to the gaming notebook.

Although Honor has entered the gaming notebook market as a new PC manufacturer, it has precise control over user needs and has carefully polished its products. As a product dedicated to changing the rules of battle in the gaming market, the Honor Hunter gaming notebook V700 has achieved all-round breakthroughs in appearance, performance, and technological innovation. In the fiercely competitive gaming notebook industry, Honor entered the game strongly. The Honor Hunter Gaming Notebook V700 has strong competitiveness in the mainstream 6000-8000 yuan price range, and the market performance is expected.

Currently, the Honor Hunter game book V700 is making hot appointments on major e-commerce platforms. Now you can enjoy a 100 yuan discount for the first sale of 600 yuan when you participate in the appointment. The lowest hand price is only 6,999 and will be officially launched at 0:00 on September 27. Interested consumers can go to learn more.


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