Fujifilm launched X-T30 camera in Vietnam, selling price from VND 21.99 million

Fujifilm launched X-T30 camera in Vietnam, selling price from VND 21.99 million

Fujifilm on March 20 launched the mirrorless X-T30 camera in the Vietnamese market. The device is the latest of the X Series cameras, the next generation of the X-T20, but has many of the same features as the high-end X-T3.

The X-T30 has a lightweight body of 383g, designed to improve the feel of a hand-held grip. The multi-directional joystick has been replaced to the previous 4-way navigation buttons like the previous X-T20 series, increasing the contact area of ​​the back of the device to make it feel comfortable to use.

The rear LCD screen is 1.3mm thinner than the previous generation, with better touch sensitivity. Machine with three colors black, silver, gray lead; Particularly, the gray version will be a special version launched worldwide in the near future.

Despite its compact body, the X-T30 is equipped with a 26.1MP resolution sensor, one of the highest resolution sensors among digital cameras of APS-C, limit noise to a minimum and better color reproduction.

ISO's lowest sensitivity level is ISO 160, previously available only at extended ISO, now available in RAW shooting mode.

The X-T30 is equipped with Fujifilm's exclusive movie simulator, the ETERNA Emulator – which is only equipped on high-end models. The X-T30 also incorporates a variety of shooting functions, which extends the ability to customize images such as "Monochrome Adjustment" (Monochrome Adjustments) available in "Monochrome" mode and "ACROS" mode, or " Color Chrome effect (Color Chrome effect) helps to create color gradation for deeper color.

The number of phase-focused pixels on the X-Trans CMOS 4 sensor on the X-T30 has been raised to 2.16 million pixels, four times more than the lines using the X-Trans CMOS sensor 3. Region Phase-based focusing has now been covered with 100% of the sensor, which helps to focus subjects quickly and accurately anywhere on the frame.

Besides, the low light limit of phase-based focusing system has been expanded from + 0.5EV to -3EV, making it easier to focus in very low light conditions such as night light or dim light like candle light.

Like the X-T3, the X-T30 is the product with the best AF performance and performance in the X Series. Along with fast image processing thanks to the X-Processor 4 processor and upgraded AF algorithms, it improves the accuracy of face / eye recognition. The main face selection function will give priority to the selected person when there are multiple faces recognized by the camera in a frame.

The performance of the automatic advanced scene selection mode "Advanced SR Auto" is also improved in sync with upgrading AF performance of the camera.

The X-T30 is enhanced with 4K / 30P video recording, with the ability to record high resolution audio and eye focus during video recording.

The X-T30 can shoot at 6K (6240 × 3510) resolution to create 4K quality (3810 × 2160). The X-T30 also supports DCI (17: 9) format, for quality video like movie.

A test shot from X-30: Although the shooting speed is low (1/52), the arm is blurred, but the right eye part of the character is very sharp due to the feature of eye focus and face.


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