Fujifilm develops nostalgic style products for users to experience with the brandshop system

Fujifilm develops nostalgic style products for users to experience with the brandshop system

Fujifilm develops nostalgic style products for users to experience with the brandshop system.

In its business, Fujifilm does not pursue competitiveness with other brands but only focuses on its mission as well as the core value of bringing art and photography technology to the community. On that development path, one of the things that F Fujifilm is proud of is to give customers the experience of emotions with cameras for vivid image quality and color reproduction ability. Also known as "Colors of Memory", inherited from Fujifilm's 80-year film-making experience.

All of the color reproduction technologies evoke memories that are applied in the X Series and GFX Series products that give users important values.

Mr. Kenichi Otaki, General Director of Fujifilm Vietnam, shared: “Fujifilm has been in Vietnam for a long time, before 1975, participating in the market through distributors. Since 2012, Fujifilm has been officially present in Vietnam after a long time of market research through feedback from users and distributors, and research and exploration. Fujifilm recognized the great potential of Vietnam and from the beginning, Fujifilm identified its main customers as photography enthusiasts ”.

The A Series and X-T100 series continue to be Fujifilm's flagship cameras in the Vietnamese market.

Always confident in the market with its long history and mission, Fujifilm clearly defined 3 key advantages: image quality and color reproduction ability; lens technology; and product design. Up to now, both photography enthusiasts and professional photographers have acknowledged the image quality and color of Fujifilm cameras.

Mr. Duong Si Phu, Director of Sales and Marketing Fuijifilm Vietnam, said: “Fujifilm's design for camera has gained many global awards for design such as TIPA, RED DOT because it is bold. His identity, unmistakably, with compact and nostalgic (retro) machine designs to the extent that even young people like it. This is one of the factors determining the cohesion and affection of Vietnamese users with products. Accordingly, in 2019, the A Series and X-T100 will continue to be Fujifilm's main cameras in the Vietnamese market ”.

Fujifilm identifies its main customers who are photography enthusiasts with nostalgic-style cameras.

In Vietnam market, Fujifilm defines long-term development and focuses on improving user experience. Specifically, Fujifilm 6th brandshop will be launched in February this year, following the 5 brand shops that the company has introduced since 2016 in Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi and Da Nang. However, Fujifilm does not have a direct business plan, but the entire Fujfilm Brandshop chain is now entrusted to strategic partners, meeting Fujifilm's strict standards, operating and exploiting for good access. than users all over the country.

Also in 2019, this Fujifilm brandshop continues to act as an experience and interactive center to better understand customers' needs. It is a place to focus on community photography activities through workshops, offline on photography, especially 2 annual events: FUJIFAIR, a playground where customers can participate in many different activities. about photography as well as experience all Fujifilm cameras and lenses; and Phototalk, the themed online photography competition, attracted thousands of attendees for the 2017 season.


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