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Fujifilm announced their lightest small lens medium format: GF 50mm f / 3.5 R

Fujifilm has just released their lightest small medium lens format. Lens GF 50mm f / 3.5 LM WR has enriched the lens line for the mirrorless medium format series GFX when this lens pancake weighs only 335g.

With a 40mm focal length for full-frame and a maximum f / 3.5 aperture, Fujifilm wants to target street photographers who bought the GFX 50R. The press release praised the lens as "very convenient to carry and an ideal choice for street and landscape photography".

This doesn't mean you can't use the lens for the new GFX 100. With the introduction of this 50mm lens, Fuji reiterated all GF lenses capable of handling good resolution when you need it.

The lens has an optical structure of 9 elements and is divided into 6 groups, including spherical elements to avoid distortion to a minimum. It is also designed to be as easy to focus as possible, preventing vibration to make video recorders more satisfied. In addition, 9 password cards will bring the bokeh in satisfactory condition.

Here are pictures of Fujifilm GF 50mm f / 3.5 R LM WR lens:

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In addition to its compact size, another advantage of this lens is the fast linear autofocus motor with dust, moisture and frost resistance down to -10 ° C.

Some of these lens shots were published by Fujifilm, all captured with Fujifilm GFX 50R's Provia movie simulation mode:

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