Fruits Basket Season 2 – 23

As often happens – well, pretty much always happens – just when I’m ready to slap Fruits Basket 2019 on hiatus it dumps an episode I want to talk about.  It comes down to the all-or-nothing relationship I havre with this show – when it focuses on the characters I care about, I care about it.  And pretty much all of them were reasonably prominent in this episode.

On balance the whole “Cinderalla-ish” thing worked better in support of the drama than it did supporting itself as comedy.  That’s pretty much SOP for Furuba, which is better when it’s serious than when it’s trying to be funny.  The best thing about the play was bringing in Momiji and Hiro & Kisa – my favorites among the supporting cast – as part of the audience.  Watching the two little ones interact with the world is always interesting, especially as Hiro wrestles with his inner demons non-stop.

As for the play itself, the headline moment was obviously when Kyou and Tohru ad-libbed their true feelings into the script (such as it was – the whole thing had a sense of improv to it).  In the guise of fiction they were almost able to talk about that which they daren’t as themselves – their romantic feelings for each others, yes, but also the sentence hanging over Kyou that’s not that far from being carried out.  Baby steps I suppose, but there are so many elephants in the room with these two that they’re running out of room to walk.

Also of note here was Hiro spilling the beans about Haru and Rin, something he’s not supposed to know about in the first place.  One upshot of this is that Kisa gets the mistaken idea (thanks to Haru’s usual density) that Hiro is interested in Isuzu himself.  Momiji, meanwhile, gives us a rare glimpse into his serious side, though he’s quick to lapse back into fairy prince mode once he’s made his point with Tohru.  There’s more untapped potential with him than anyone else in the cast by a long shot, and it’s frustrating sometimes how slowly Takaya taps into it.  But I won’t spoil – it’s baby steps too there, I suppose…


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