Vsmart: From zero to a

From zero to the “private” hit and the future of Vietnam’s ‘unique’ technology ecosystem

The “poker” stunned at the Tech Awards 2020

The name Vsmart was called up 4 times during the awards ceremony Tech Awards 2020. In which, Vsmart Live 4 won the title “Best feature phone”, Vsmart Aris Pro with the “brace” award “Phones lead the technology trend” and “Innovative Technology Product 2020”.

Above all, with endless efforts, the leading prestigious technology award in Vietnam Tech Awards honored Vsmart as a brand name. “Best Vietnamese phone”.

Vsmart was honored as the best Vietnamese phone brand at Tech Awards 2020.

Thus, after only 2 years on the market, Vsmart has built consumer confidence and convinces professionals about product quality. This can be seen as a milestone confirming the internal strength of Vinsmart in mastering technology, implementing the mission of “covering” the Vietnamese brand to the world, as the way that VinSmart brought Vietnam to become the 5th country in the world to master 5G technology not long ago.

Back in June 2018, Vingroup announced that it would manufacture electronic devices, and start with the smartphone brand. Vsmart At that time, many doubts were faced. There are many opinions that the phone market at that time was saturated after a period of consecutive foreign phone companies coming to Vietnam. The opportunity for a new brand to develop is extremely limited, and even more difficult when it is a 100% Vietnamese brand with problems about R&D, production lines, …

Vsmart: From zero to a
Vsmart Aris Pro – The most “delicious” Vietnamese smartphone in 2020.

But after less than 6 months, VinSmart launch of the first 4 smartphone lines. With a popular price, the product models have received good feedback from experts who combine two factors: affordable price and more powerful configuration than products at the same price by other brands.

After 1 year on the market, Vsmart reaching 7.7% market share in December 2019, 11.2% in February 2020 (according to GfK), surpassing 10% of capital as a milestone to decide the survival in the market. May 2020 continues to record a new milestone for Vsmart when reaching sales of more than 1.2 million phones after 17 months of entering the market, making Vsmart one of the smartphone brands with growth rate. fastest growth in Vietnam.

Expect the future of technology ecosystem

Vsmart Achieving such “rapid” growth is thanks to the consistency with the goal of helping Vietnamese people to use Vietnamese phones with the best quality and price. Since just announced its vision of a Vietnamese smartphone brand, VinSmart has prepared the infrastructure, researched R & amp; D carefully. Besides, there is the cooperation with many big names in the technology industry such as Qualcomm, Google…. This is a stepping stone for VinSmart to realize its aspirations as well as its 100% autonomous capacity in research and production.

Vsmart: From zero to a
The smart home system developed by VinSmart includes a central controller and connected devices including cameras, door sensors, smart switches, alarms …

Ms. Le Thi Thu Thuy, Vice Chairman of Vingroup cum General Director VinSmart shared: “This impressive achievement not only shows the love of consumers but also the recognition of experts for the achievements that VinSmart has made efforts for over 24 months”.

In particular, revealing the future development strategy, Ms. Thuy said, VinSmart will build a comprehensive technology ecosystem with 3 core product areas including: Smart city (A smart city), Smart home (Smart home) and Smart Service (Digital service).

Vsmart: From zero to a
Vinhomes Smart City Tay Mo (Hanoi) is the first world-class smart city in Vietnam.

“The year 2021 will be the year that VinSmart gradually completes the product pieces, applies technology to bring a comfortable and modern life to serve customers in Vietnam and the world market” That is the great goal of a Vietnamese brand with a methodical plan to assert its reputation in the international arena.


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