From the Pure Land of RM Lovers to the Orange Light Platform: “66RPG” Ups and Downs

Written in the front: Hello everyone, I am the main mango ice at station b, and an old listener with many years of nuclear power. Starting this year, I will gradually submit some stand-alone content in text form to the machine core to share with you, hoping to get everyone’s recognition and love.

I want to talk to you about this investigation ice program. It once hosted the dreams of numerous amateur game makers, but it has been criticized because of management and transformation issues:

Nowadays, it is known as Orange Light Game, a game platform that is famous for fanworks and women’s visual novels. I believe that readers who have seen the live broadcast of the main and casual people at Station B should have heard of it.

The most played game video at station B

But before that, this domain name pointed to the largest RM (RPG Maker) maker forum that has witnessed the development of independent RPG in China for more than a decade, and inspired the birth of excellent works such as “Rain of Blood”.

Old 66rpg logo

These two distinct identities represent the two sides of 66RPG. Since its establishment in 2005, it has received almost as much praise as criticism. What are the intricate experiences behind this website, and what are the difficult choices?

Before I officially introduce 66RPG, let me briefly explain what RM is. The full name of RM is RPG Maker, which is a master of RPG production. It is developed by Japan’s Enterbrain company. It is a development tool that allows players to make role-playing games (RPG) by themselves.

From the first work in 1992, it has experienced the splendor of RMXP and RMVX. The latest version is RMMV launched in 15 years. Previous generations of RM have been loved by entry-level game developers for their simple and intuitive operation. .

Everyone is familiar with “Going to the Moon” and “Rainblood” are produced using RM, can be said to have inspired countless independent game producers.

RM game distribution on steam

In fact, the original RM was a product specifically for the Japanese domestic market, but a Russian student with a net name of “Don Miguel” cracked and translated it in 2000, and “shared” it with the world in pirated form. Lovers.

In 2004, Liu Xiaoyu, a student of Tsinghua University under the net name “Liu Liu”, began to adapt and reproduce the 94-year Taiwan DOS game “Devil King” based on RMXP, and produced his first game “Legend of the Dark Sword”.

Most of the material of this game comes from “borrowing” from various domestic and foreign commercial games, such as the use of music from big names such as Hisaishi and Iwasaki, and the use of well-known anime characters as character portraits.

However, as a fan work, it has both form and spirit, and it has expanded and strengthened the original frame of “Devil and King”, made a sufficiently refined and creative system under the constraints of the engine, and really moved a group of players.

This is also inseparable from the evolution of the new version of RM. The RMXP released in 2004 has made a series of improvements compared to previous generations, such as updating the map system and supporting multiple resolutions, but most importantly, it is more convenient Share scripts and extract material.

As long as you master the Ruby language, you can write new features yourself. If you want to implement the cool features of others, you can copy the code shared by others into the script library.

The producer group is eager for a RM community that can share the resources and share resources with each other. Liu Liu also needs a platform to publish his own works. He originally planned to upload the game to the Fantasy Forest Forum, an earlier RM community. Because the forum was somewhat rigid in posting and management, he was unsuccessful.

Logo and domain of fantasy forest

So Liuliu self-supported the portal and in 2005 established a RM forum of his own: 66RPG, referred to as “6R”, and its initial slogan was “Dream world, in your hands”.

At the beginning of the platform, senior enthusiasts such as Liu Liu created many tutorials to help newcomers get started, such as recording ten sets of teaching videos and uploading original engineering documents of excellent works for novices to reference.

In the following year, they also collected various commercial works materials and unauthorized resources, and created and translated a large number of scripts, which attracted a large number of fans to gather here with rich resource sharing.

At that time, there was a strong community atmosphere in which strangers with similar interests on the Internet in China shared resources and friendly exchanges. The impetuous mentality of the party’s disagreement when everything is commercialized and facing differences has not eroded this pure land.

As a college student, Liu Liu repeatedly ran for renting servers, solving various data storage problems, and even borrowing money to make advances. Forum members have generously contributed several times.

At that time, the producer wanted to upload the game, and he needed to send the work to the administrator by email. After a week or so of internal QA, the administrator would release the game to the front desk. If the quality of the work is excellent, it will not only be sincerely encouraged by fellow fans, but also be recommended by other authors and big coffees.

The competitions held in the forum also received the full response of everyone, and even once cooperated with 3DM, and some of the award-winning works were selected by 3DM to spread to a wider group of players.

From the beginning of the station to 2009, it can be described as the golden age of 6R. Game makers are encouraged by the positive response of others to their work. The forum ’s honor mechanism for rating outstanding works and resource sharers is fair and credible, and has been strengthened. Everyone’s enthusiasm for creative creation and sharing of resources formed a virtuous circle.

6R in this period, whether it is the “artist” that puts more emphasis on the plot and fine arts, or the “technical flow” that pays more attention to scripts and systems, has produced a variety of styles and high-quality works. One of the most notable is “Rainblood: Dead Town”, completed by the legendary Chinese independent gamer Liang Qiwei, and highly praised at home and abroad.

In 2006, Liang Qiwei, a junior junior, learned about the use of the RM software from 6R, and was surprised that it could be an artifact that can show stories and settings drawn from childhood in a game form.

After a year of hard development, the first version of “Rain of Blood” was formed, but Liang Qiwei at that time did not release it, but just played his own hard work like a contented craftsman.

Liang Qiwei, who was obsessed with RM and had no time to take care of his studies, was eventually punished because he lost the opportunity of Tsinghua University’s insurance research.

But Seon lost his horse and knew nothing about blessings. Instead, he went to the United States to study in graduate school, but because of Yale’s atmosphere of encouraging hobbies and creativity, he got the help to continue to polish the game.

In 2010, the complete “Rainbow: Dead Town” (renamed “Rainbow: Lost Town” after reset) stunning Chinese and foreign gamers.

As the first domestic independent RPG to enter the international game market, its strong Gulong martial arts lines, a clever combination of plot and battle, and artistic expression with a unique oriental flavor have greatly boosted the confidence of other domestic RM authors, and are also excellent The works of RM pointed out the possibility of commercialization, it can be said that it injected a heart-strengthening agent to the 6R fans at the time.

From 2005 to 2009, 6R developed fairly smoothly. In 10 years, 6R ushered in the first hurdle. At the beginning of the year, Liu Liu suddenly announced the closure of the station and went to North America.

At that time, many members moved to other forums, but the forum resumed after six months, and most of them returned to 6R. Regarding this brief shutdown, the core member of the forum, “Wei Ge was born,” once wrote in the article “The Truth About the 66RPG Shutdown …”

The original text can be viewed:

The article revealed the contents of the chat with Liu Liu to members who are unknown. The general idea is that as the management of Internet public opinion becomes more and more strict, the maintenance tasks of the forum become more onerous, and the calls often requested to delete old posts become overwhelming The last straw of Liuliu’s confidence.

In the essay of the 2nd anniversary of the station celebration released in 2007, Liu Liu was also the leader who was tired but “believes that 66RPG will survive as long as there are no special accidents.”

Obviously, it wasn’t just regulation that made him frustrated. In the past five years, several data loss, server relocation, hacking, and virus attacks have never ceased to plague this private forum with limited funding and technology.

As Liu Liu himself said, building the station was just a natural idea. It did not consider issues such as forum posts and management. After the completion of 6R, he was always pushed away by external forces.

This lack of management experience caused the forum to experience several internal disputes and major personnel changes, and lost many outstanding producers. The lack of management directly led to the failure to honor the promise of game promotion to outstanding authors, which made 6R missed. The best transition period.

In addition, after the initial freshness faded, the problems of plotting commonality and material similarity of many works became increasingly prominent, and in order to improve the quality, the “bringing doctrine” of wanton use of commercial materials also buried copyright hazards.

In 2009, the booming development of 3D games at home and abroad has even reduced the appeal of RM products. 10 years of Liu Liu’s short-term departure may also be thinking about the way of future development.

After returning to China, Liu Xiaoyu reopened the 6R and officially began commercialization. He founded Liuliu Studio and started a business together with former 6R administrator Leonard. In September 2011, he founded Shanghai Liumeng Network Technology Co., Ltd. and launched paid games while operating 6R.

During this period, he released his personal works “Fighting Heraldic” (fighting + battle chess), “Kang Taigong’s Island”, “Sacred Beasts and Fighting Pirates” (Tower Defense) and the company’s work “Shao Xia Yi Xiang” (Tucao + Horizontal breakthrough).

Although the copyright issues of some game materials can not help but be controversial, the game has also received some positive comments.

In the 12th year of Shanghai Liumeng’s production of the new work “Eternal Night Concerto”, Liu Liu and Ray Leonard split over the differences between “single-player games should join in-app purchases or insist on buyouts.” Liuliu North set up Beijing Liuli Fun Technology Co., Ltd. continued its business and renamed the game “Eternal Fantasy”.

At the same time, from 2011, in order to promote the revival and profitability of 6R as soon as possible, management began to try various reforms. At first, 6R opened a boutique game area, but because senior veteran authors, new generation authors and new moderators have completely different definitions of boutique rpgs, they have attracted a lot of scolding.

Then, 6R tried to operate the RM game as a page game, and tried to cooperate with the author in a similar way of signing and releasing as “helping the author to package and promote the game, but with the name of Liuliu Studio”, but this The plan also died halfway.

Subsequently, 6R made its biggest move: selling VIP titles and permissions, and issuing a large number of medals. These rich operations that can do whatever they want quickly depreciate the honors that would have required a lot of hard work, hurting many excellent authors who have adhered to it for many years, and destroyed the benign incentive system that 6R has always been careful in operating.

In addition, the copyright issue has also been a nuisance in the RM circle. The abusive use of materials in a work will inevitably lead to its inability to formally be commercialized. The growing “generous generosity of others” in the circle and the willful extraction of other people ’s original materials also violate the original intention of sharing.

However, if the accumulated disadvantages of the copyright issue are to be eradicated, it will inevitably lead to a substantial increase in the production threshold and fundamentally threaten the survival of the forum. 6R webmasters rejected the direction of copyright reform for various reasons. The lack of response to the demand for the protection of their own materials once again hit the confidence of many copyright-conscious authors.

Failed reforms and management, the deteriorating copyright environment, and a discrete group of authors have further shrunk the already niche RM circle. Liu Qu, who has broken his head for 12 years, tried to generate income through the sale of original materials produced by the company. However, users who have not paid much attention to copyright naturally will not “spend this money.”

Fortunately, there is no other way. The rapid popularization of smartphones and the increase in network speed have caused rapid changes in China’s Internet cultural industry.

Since 2012, domestic secondary culture has begun to rise rapidly, and websites such as Bilibili, which specialize in secondary meta content, are becoming increasingly mainstream.

At the time, B ’s UP host “Tear Gland Warrior”, who was studying in Japan at the time, recorded and broadcasted many Japanese-style horror puzzle rpgs such as “The Witch’s House”, and brought these foreign RM works into the public’s sight with humorous explanation Many people who have never met RM before have entered the circle because of their love for this fresh subject matter, bringing a long-lost user growth to 6R.

Lan Shao has greatly contributed to the promotion of Japanese-style rm horror games

Secondly, online literature, especially women, has begun to blow out. Net texts and their adaptations of film and television works engulfed a large number of audiences and contributed to the arrival of the IP era. A strong IP will also bring a lot of traffic to the content created by colleagues.

Liuliu ’s insistence on the concept of “fast-food games” fits the cultural consumption habits of the new era. 6R must seize this opportunity and stand on this vital air.

In 2012, Liuqu, who received angel investment and “Eternal Night Fantasy” income, released a self-developed word game production tool: “Rainbow word game production wizard · Red”. The official description of this software is: “The pursuit of speed , Visualization, humanization, and non-coding operation process, strive to minimize the threshold for game production. “

Six Fun plans to release seven versions of red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue, and purple, but so far only two versions are available: red and orange.

Well, another protagonist of this article is the orange light tool.

This orange version is the 13-year-old orange light production tool. Liuqu is based on the orange light software whose work cannot be exported to other platforms. Based on the popularity of the old 6R forum, it gradually builds a game with basic AVG production and play functions, which can be run online, and has sufficient commercial support. community.

In an interview, Liu Liu admitted that at the beginning of the establishment of Orange Light, the first 200-300 producers came from the 6R forum. Later, the word game on the platform became hot, and it brought a large number of new creators.

This product that brought unexpected surprises to Orange Light is the text adventure game “Qing Gong Ji”, which was launched in 13 years and was based on the palace fight drama “Zhen Xuan Biography” that swept the country for 11 years.

The large number of female players brought to the orange light by the “Qinggong Ji” made Liu Liu realize that the target user must be transferred from the traditional RPG audience otaku group to female to web essay and film and television drama enthusiasts.

As Liu Liu said: “It’s not that we have chosen the user, but that the market has educated us.” It turns out that Orange Light, who has grasped the direction of the market, has indeed succeeded. Liuqu has since shifted its main business from the original 6R Forum to Orange Light.

In May 2014, Liuqu moved the original RM forum from its original location to RM6R, and 66rpg, a domain name that has accumulated a lot of popularity through RM content in nine years, was occupied by the dove and became the home of Orange Light.

Many people thought that the original RM forum had been completely canceled, so they left the circle directly, and some loyal follow the new administrators who have left Liuqu to continue to cultivate the home that has been increasingly marginalized.

Orange Light, which became the company’s main business, brought a lot of benefits to Liuqu in the next few years. In June of 2016, Orange Light completed a 10 million yuan financing, Orange Light’s valuation rose to 150 million, and the number of users exceeded 25 million. By the end of 18, Orangelight had more than 55 million registered users, 3,407 contracted authors, and more than 1.3 million works on the site.

Orange Light is a typical web 2.0 model. The official provides development tools, combined with producers’ rating systems and other quality assurance mechanisms, supplemented by powerful platform activities and promotion.

Orange Light has created a mechanism for authors to produce content, the platform screens high-quality content for sale to other players, and then converts some loyal players into authors. The profit of Orange Light mainly depends on the player’s payment for the work and the copyright fee after the IP incubation is successful.

In-game players need to pay for flowers, that is, orange light game coins, to unlock the plot, purchase archives, game props, and character favorability. These payment mechanisms have to be said to have captured the payment habits and pain points of female users:

  • Grab players with fascinating plots and emotion lines, and wait for players to have a good opinion of the NPC before directing payment;
  • Generally, you can buy a full-featured gift package for 30 yuan, and the low price meets the consumption habits of light players;
  • The resource status of the corresponding NPC is determined by the number of flowers sent by the fans. The NPCs that spend more can independently draw pictures, character songs, and foreigners, etc., effectively realizing the goodwill of the players who are willing to pay for the NPC.

Like other online literature platforms, Orange Light mainly provides tools to serve original authors and players, and then extracts the revenue share of UGC content.

Orange Light, which grasped the market direction of the “fast food games” early, obtained considerable revenue. It also cultivated a growing team of authors by rating the contracted authors and directing resources.

Orange Light has brought many outstanding works to players. From the most mainstream women to urban romance, ancient style crossing, palace fighting, entertainment circle AVG, to “Hengshui Middle School Serial Killing” as the representative of mystery, “A few products in the official residence The cultivating taste of “” was developed, followed by “Discovery of the Red Way” and “Fence of the Fence” full of serious discussion and practical significance.

From the breadth of content, Orange Light is a very user-friendly platform.

The 19-year-old “Invisible Guardian” was adapted here

But as Orange Light’s position as the boss of the word game industry became more and more stable (those that would force 3387, which later became the flash art, Yi Jiyuan, etc.), all kinds of complaints about its “shopping bullies” became more frequent. Similar to most web-based platforms, only after the author signs a contract with the platform can he earn income through competition and work sharing.

However, as the platform becomes more powerful, the platform share is increasing (formerly 55, after 64), and the traffic costs incurred by players should be deducted from the original author’s income. What’s more, if the monthly revenue of a single game is less than 100 This income belongs to the platform.

Official data at the beginning of 19 showed that “the average income of the top 500 authors of Orange in January this year was 5000 + RMB, and the average monthly income of the top 100 authors exceeded 17,000 yuan.” However, behind the success of the best, most of the authors are in the “dividends are not enough to buy materials” , “Novice can’t get resources” situation.

The most criticized orange light is the new contract signed since August 16th. The old contract stipulated that the copyright of the works produced and signed by the author on the orange light platform belongs to orange light during the validity period of the contract, but the new contract requires the copyright of the work and All its internal elements are permanently orange light, and the author reserves only the right to sign.

Some authors even disclosed that the contract contained the overlord clause that “Party A has the right to authorize works licensed by Party B to a third party for use without compensation” without the consent of Party B during the validity of the agreement.

Everyone even set up an “Orange Light Game Tucao Concentration Camp” to complain

Some authors were disheartened and left Orange Light to use the engines such as RM and Unity to switch to the steam platform, but most of the authors who have become sticky cannot do without the platform’s traffic and recommendations, so they have to “sell themselves” to stay.

Orange Light is so eager to hold the copyright of the work in hand, also because it sees the prospect of the realization of original IP. 2015 is the “first year of IP” in China’s Internet industry, and Orangelight has also begun to vigorously promote IP conversion.

In 17 years, the adaptation of the IP drama “Erotic Thousands of Gold” by Orange Light was broadcast on the Internet, and the TV drama “Brilliant Stars of the Counterattack” adapted by the other IP “The Strike of the Counterattack” was subsequently broadcasted; “Best-selling” books of the same name, “Fairy Cry” and “Star Strike”, have also been released.

I have to say, this is stupid

Among the many adaptations, the “Invisible Guardian”, which was released earlier this year and adapted from “The Hidden Way”, successfully broke the circle and set a new production benchmark for the visual novel industry.

With the successful commercialization of Orange Light, the RM6R, which is more concerned by old users, is becoming quieter. With the rise of more convenient content platforms such as Weibo and Bilibili, blog forums are no longer the main carrier of Internet traffic.

After 14 years of moving out of the original domain name, RM6R is out of the direct management of Liuqu. New administrators and core members have also tried to reform and revive, but they have given up because of lack of time and energy.

The aging of Internet users in the new era has also changed the RM6R.

On the plus side, most of this generation of young authors grew up under the influence of foreign commercial games. They joined in the yearning for excellent foreign independent games, such as “Going to the Moon” and “The Abandoned Story”. In the RM circle, they are often familiar with steam and have a higher sensitivity to copyright issues.

These authors who have seen more excellent games and also creative and willing to work hard have brought RM6R a number of works with more beautiful graphics and more diverse styles.

But there are also many new-generation authors who have brought bad atmosphere to the forum.

Many people are aware of the copyright issue but still for profit, and lack respect for the creativity of other authors; Many new-generation authors lack a sense of belonging to RM6R, they no longer value mutual encouragement in the circle, and are no longer willing to share resources in order to help others, more It is to immerse themselves in their own work, and then publish it on a more commercial platform such as steam.

It can be said that the late RM6R was not an author who did not adhere to the original intention, nor was it worthy of mention, but it was really difficult to withstand the impact of the tide of the times and went further and further on the road of fragmentation.

On September 6, 2017, Liu Liu suddenly announced that the RM Forum that had been in operation for 12 years will be officially closed at the end of the month. This means that from now on the 66RPG nostalgic name will only represent orange light.

The explanation given by Liu Liu is that in the face of the forum ’s real-name system certification and manager filing mechanism, RM6R no longer has the hardware and software requirements that meet operational requirements, and the spirit of sharing games for free upload and distribution no longer meets the newly released game review requirements. .

On the second day, the “Wei brother who had firmly stood beside Liu Liu seven years ago” published an article “Please be confident, 6R did not die, it was just reborn in Nirvana”, the text stated:

Regulatory policies and amateur RM production are declining. It is necessary to adapt, but it is not necessary to despair. 6R did not die but was reborn in Nirvana, because the main body of 6R is still orange, and Liuliu revealed in private that he is still brewing a new independence. Game development tools, planning new release platforms that meet current regulatory requirements.

Brother Wei recommends that you treasure the existing resources and leave contact information with each other. If you have the ability, you can set up a server to save the forum. It is best to support Orange Light, because Liuliu can only rely on Orange Light’s income. The aspiration of that Nirvana rebirth.

The decision to close the RM forum has been controversial so far. Some people have accused Liu Xiaoyu of being ugly. He first used the fattening RM forum to boost Orange Light. After Orange Light’s stable profitability, it unloaded and killed the donkeys and dumped the pot clean.

There is also a gentle old user who defends Liu Liu, thinking that he has his own hardships. He has struggled for years between policy and business. If it was not for his original intention, he would not have to spend money to maintain the operation of this forum for many years.

Although we still haven’t seen what Liu Liu mentioned, the new life brought by him, but the RM6R, once full of dreams, has indeed been resurrected by others with the new look of project1.

Two administrators: fux2 and confused An An, contacted Liuqu as soon as possible after the RM6R customs clearance notice was issued to discuss data migration and other issues. They always communicated with the user in real time and eventually moved to the new forum. The slogan of the forum was: your world.

Domain name:

Looking back at this history, I can’t help but feel a lot of emotion.

From the young boy who sincerely loved game creation and shouted “the world of dreams is in your hands” to the entrepreneur who is now in the market with a valuation of over 100 million yuan, Liu Liu has experienced the difficulties of starting a youth career. , Also experience the pleasure of running out of date, resurgence.

He seems to be worldly utilitarian, in order to avoid trouble and go abroad, create orange light for profit realization, occupy a domain name, and even bid farewell to the harbor that made the dream sail.

But from the lines of Weige and fux2, we seem to see a more real and more temperamental person. He will grievously complain of the stifling of creativity by deleting posts, he will smile bitterly as the market smoothes his corners, and when he is pointed at by Qian Fu, he will leave a silent back and no longer defend.

In fact, we all understand that the dream and love of youth was to fulfill oneself, and the rule of standing among adults in the rolling dust is to please others. Fortunately, some people are still young, and some people are still young, but they still persist.

The RM forum is full of fate. It is unknown whether Orange Light will launch a new situation for domestic independent games, but the seeds of independent games will not die if they fall into the ground. Thousands of resurrections.

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Source: Machine Nuclear
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