From the perspective of mass sports and social interaction, “Chuhan” provides services for sports enthusiasts, businesses and practitioners

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According to the “Sports Fitness Crowd Portrait Report” released by the MobData Research Institute, the number of people participating in physical exercise in China will reach 435 million in 2020, and the domestic sports consumer market is expected to reach 1.5 trillion. At present, there are four trends in the sports market: first, home protests brought about by the epidemic, and the lifestyle of cloud sports; second, sports people want to talk with people in the “like good” circle; third, sports fashion apparel becomes a new generation Lifestyle; fourth, driven by the Internet and anti-epidemic, online sports live broadcasts continue to rise.

36氪 recently paid attention to a sports company “Chuhan”, which was established in 2020. Its business revolves around the above four trends, with the Chuhan APP as the core, supplemented by a business management platform, targeting sports enthusiasts, businesses and practitioners. Large groups of people expand their business to solve the pain points of various groups in the sports field.

Chuhan APP

A piece for sports lovers, The founder of Chuhan, Shen Xirong, said that both sports practitioners and amateurs have social needs and need a platform to help them find common fans. The same sports enthusiasts (such as fitness, football, basketball, badminton, and running, etc.) can find the “great god” in Chuhan APP to guide or teach themselves, and they can also create a personal club or join the corresponding club. Watch sports and teaching live broadcasts on the platform, participate in free or paid online and offline sports experience, etc.

For sports people and practitioners with certain skills, such as coaches, you canChuhan APP takes orders online, completes exercise guidance remotely and earns income. At the same time, you can also create your own club to gather “family friends” fans, and you can initiate sports live broadcasts, or start online teaching sessions to obtain traffic and fan monetization.

For gym businesses, Chu Khan also launched a business club management platform, The platform covers eight major sections of App daily operation data kanban, course management, appointment sign-in, membership, traffic and recruiting, e-commerce distribution, employee management and financial management to help businesses better operate their stores.

For sports club businesses,Chuhan APP allows merchants to settle in, provides an online display platform for merchants, and does not charge any fees. In addition, for merchants, Chuhan will also launch a business club management platform, which covers eight major sections of App daily operation data board, course management, appointment sign-in, membership, traffic and new recruitment, e-commerce distribution, employee management and financial management to help Merchants better realize online and offline operations.

Merchants can also publish courses on the platform, and students can make course reservations through the “About Khan” column under Chuhan. Chuhan will charge merchants corresponding fees. Ordinary merchants can try it for free. If you want to get more traffic and other expansion functions, you must charge a corresponding monthly fee.

Shen Xirong told 36 krypton that Chuhan will start with the realization of skills first. Coaches can monetize through traffic or publish courses on the platform. After the students place an order, they will conduct video, voice or in-store guidance.

Regarding the analysis of the company’s competitiveness, Shen Xirong said that some products on the market still have some drawbacks. First, there are few live sports teaching courses, and most of them are recorded videos. Second, applications such as Dianping and Meituan provide merchants with access to online display, but they do not provide users and coaches with skills monetization and subsequent management services such as operations for merchants, and they charge higher fees for merchants. Third, the current merchant management platforms on the market are basically at the stage of simple customer relationship management, without a complete front-end user physical examination and traffic conversion system.

Therefore, what Chuhan Chuhan wants to do is to solve the pain points of various groups of people, and to better integrate the needs of sports enthusiasts, businesses and sports practitioners through the APP traffic foundation, supplemented by the business management platform, and serve the three major crowd.Chuhan App has entered the internal beta stage and will be officially launched before the Spring Festival.

It is worth mentioning that the founder of Chuhan, Shen Xirong, is also a serial entrepreneur. He has served as a customer and business director of a large 4A advertising company. He has cooperated with European Selligent, established the business in China, and also founded Innotek Digital Technology Advertising Company.

Currently, the team is seeking financing.


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