From password batteries to memory cards, carriers of memory, memories of our games from those years

A few days ago I had the time to relive “Resident Evil” with an old friend on Steam. During the game, he talked about an old saying: a high school classmate A, there is no PS host at home, mainly in Charter room games. Every time several host parties in the class get together to talk about “Resident Evil”, A will also come to participate and ask some questions in the process, the process of solving the mystery, the way the BOSS plays, and the problem gradually enters the later stage, but Once, Jun A asked a simple but silent question: What is the use of ribbon?

At the end of this paragraph, Jun A has since bought a PS memory card and carried it with him. Every time he goes to the charter room, he will use a typewriter and ribbon to save his own “Resident Evil” game archive.

The importance of game archiving is needless to say. Today, the archiving function is almost standard for games. Regardless of mobile games, online games, console games, when an accidental icon flashes on the interface when exiting the game, it will automatically It is very convenient for players to save important game progress.

The game experience without game archives may not be understood by many new players now, but in that distant FC red and white machine era, game archives were a rare and extravagant advanced feature, which only existed in some large capacity. In the “Mind Game Cartridge”.

The earliest archive memory, password archive and battery archive

In that distant past, there was no archiving feature in the early stage of FC, so in “Super Mario Bros.”, if you do not use level selection, ordinary players need to slowly challenge 8 levels and 32 levels. This is for action games The hard-handed person is a kind of torture for me. I was a primary school student, and I couldn’t stick to it when I reached the fifth mark.

At that time, the mainstream game type was ACT action games. The famous FC players of the top four “Soul Sand Green Red” should be known to everyone. At this time, the console game has not been designed with the save function. , Players mainly increase their proficiency through repeated challenges, that is, game skills to increase the expansion of the game flow.

There are also some games that use simple “passwords” to help players record the progress of the game flow. The first game I encountered when I was a kid with this feature was “Human Weapon”. The two passwords, 040471 and 081620, are still remembered.

After that, in Saint Seiya: The End of the Golden Legend, I remembered the “password” full of the universe.

“Saint Seiya: The End of Golden Legend” is not the first game I have come across that requires a “password” to remember, but the “password” of this game has left me a deep impression, mainly because The game flow is very difficult, and the “password” itself is also difficult to remember. These Japanese kana brought me many painful memories. After repeated comparisons, I still inevitably lost the game progress when the error occurred. Terrible situation.

So for us that year, after the game, the archive of these terrible Japanese pseudonyms “passwords” was the real ultimate BOSS.

Beginning with “Dragon Quest” in 1986, RPG games have gradually become the most popular genre. The problem that accompanies them is the game flow of RPG games for more than ten hours. There is time to clear a game with dozens of hours at a time, so the game save function to help players record the game flow has become an extremely realistic and urgent need.

This 64KB world of magic dragon-slaying led the upsurge of RPG games, and also brought the evil password archiving method. This was the solution of mainstream game manufacturers at the time for the increasingly long game flow. In the new series “Dragon Quest 11”, it also pays tribute to the restoration of the bridge to enter the password.

However, the password archiving method not only needs to face tedious and complicated record entry, simple and limited text records cannot save game files with increasing capacity, so after that, a built-in memory battery and memory appeared in the FC card. To document the way the game is saved.

It seems that although it is a simple upgrade solution, it really made old players cry with tears in the past. Finally, it is possible to say goodbye to the “password” archives!

The first FC game to use battery records was Morita Shogi.

RPG games that can be saved by battery memory have gradually gained the favor of players. My first battery-backed RPG game on FC that I played from beginning to end was “Eating the World 2: Zhuge Kongming Biography”.

At that time, there was also an almost household FC game “Three Kingdoms 2: The Continent of Overlords”, which was a game that made countless FC players sleep and sleep. In the game process spanning decades of the Three Kingdoms era, it actually takes at least dozens of hours, and the easy-to-use game save function is a must.

At the time, these so-called “intelligent game cassettes” that required battery memory archiving were expensive, and in times of limited economic conditions, these games could only be played in the charter room. At the beginning of the article, it was not clear that the memory method was played over and over again. Elementary students In the beginning, I repeatedly played “Three Kingdoms 2: Overlord’s Continent” in the charter room over and over again.

With the passage of time in the battery memory, the battery will eventually run out. The replacement of the battery and the loss of archives are often heard. In the later period, there is a solution that does not rely on the battery and uses EEPROM and a FLASH chip. This is a GBA solution. More common on cassettes.

The archived memories of the cassette era basically end here, and then we will enter the era of 32-bit machines with CDROM as the game carrier.

Memory card, save games with you wherever you go

In the era of 32-bit machines, Sony successfully took Nintendo to the throne, CDROM replaced game cartridges, and game archiving is no longer an accessory function attached to a certain game cartridge. Sony introduced a memory card as a form of game archiving. .

The PS memory card integrates the archive of all games. Players only need to bring the memory card with them, no matter where they are, on which host, plug in the memory card, you can continue the previous game flow anytime, anywhere, and in the special The memory card operation interface can perform some targeted operations of copying or deleting, which is a great improvement for the memory method of the cassette.

Compared with the solution in the era of cassettes, the progress of this solution is undoubtedly huge. Archive is no longer a subsidiary function of a game, but is a separate function in the game system as a whole. You need to worry about the time constraints of the battery age, and add simple operations such as sorting and copying. When classmates exchanged memory card archives to show their game progress and compare with each other, in my opinion, there is already a function of achievement display.

The only pain is that some games have too large archives. We need to weigh which games to keep under the limited capacity of the memory card. In the later period, there will generally be 2 or more memory cards to save the game progress.

In the later PS2 era, the memory card capacity has been improved, and the experience has continued to improve compared to the original PS. It has been repeatedly weighed which archives are kept.

The memory card of the DC host is also a very special memory card. It comes with a screen. It was called a “visual storage unit”. It comes with speakers and an 8-bit processor. It can run some simple game software and the DC host. Interactive game content.

Sony has since launched a similar product, the PocketStation.

The memory card that left a deep impression on me is the PSP memory card. Domestic PSP players are definitely not familiar with it. PSP has been quite popular in China, including some relatives who do n’t play games around me, and also bought PSP consoles that year.

The main thing is that the cracked PSP host is not only a game console, but also a multi-functional popular electronic product. The PSP memory card has become the main content carrier. Games, software, tools, movies, and music are among them. A high-speed, large-capacity memory card is standard on the PSP.

My cousin who never played games also asked me to buy PSP. The main purpose was to watch MP4 movies and listen to music on the subway on and off work. Playing games seemed to her to be a minor function.

In the later era of PS3 and PS4, the separate memory card has disappeared, and the host’s built-in hard disk has been used to save the archive progress for the game.

With the continuous development of technology, the price of storage hardware has dropped. When the internal storage capacity of the host is sufficient and much larger than the external storage, the reading speed and file storage security of the external storage memory card are lower than the internal storage space. In addition, the cloud storage space in the network era can also solve the problem of portable storage of game archives. At this time, the memory card does not have much value, and the PS4 console can also save local game archives through a USB flash drive.

Give the game more experience

In fact, at this time, the game saver has already solved the problem of saving the progress of the game flow. The creators of the game began to use these built-in player game data to give the game more content.

For example, some games will make some changes to the content of the game according to the previous save, some simply give some numerical values ​​or rewards on items, and some will add some plots or changes to the content of the game flow. This can increase players’ sense of continuity for the entire game series, and is a good plus.

“The Witcher 3” can inherit the archive of “The Witcher 2” and will affect some content and details of the side missions in the game according to some choices in the “Witcher 2” game.

What gives me a special impression is “Neil: The Age of Machinery”. The plot of the game itself explores the impact of memory on characters, the plot and the story, and in the final stage of the game, players need to choose whether to delete their own Archive, you can sacrifice archives to help other players.

In the final process, when facing an impossible task, I saw a sentence of encouragement brought by other players after deleting the archive. At this time, it feels like it has broken the constraints of space and time. All People are always there to encourage you.

This design is not inheritance preservation, but dedication and deletion for the reverse. It is indeed impressive. The impact and significance of the game’s archived data on the content of the game is better felt and understood at this moment.

Modify and Raider Game Tools

Not only do game creators have more ways to use game saves at this time, players also use game saves more, but for players, the use of saves is more to achieve Purpose tool.

In the early days of PC games, compared to the lack of capacity of consoles, PC games could be archived very easily very early. The handy archive will be used as a tool for game strategy.

In the early biography of Martial Arts Heroes, according to the method provided by the online strategy, I once saved the game and backed it up, and then constantly used SL Dafa to trigger the random events needed.

In the PSP version of “Monster Hunter 2G”, some of the friends who played together had the archive modifier online, and there was even a debate about whether to modify the archive.

Basically, most of them use archives to better improve the game. Moderate modification may increase the fun of the game, but excessive modification will definitely reduce the fun of the game.

In July 2019, I also saw a news that the Japanese “Unfair Competition Law” stipulates that it is illegal to provide services that modify the archived data of games or provide tools to modify archived data to help others modify the archives or modify the game console. .

And the Japanese Niigata Prefecture Police announced the arrest of a player suspected of providing a modified archive service for 3DS and PS4 games.

It was mentioned at the end of the news that the player was fined 300,000 yen (about 18,900 yuan) by a Niigata summary judge. Modifying the game save is at least regarded as an “unfair competition” violation in Japan …

Write at the end

Game archiving is a part of the game, just as human memory is a part of people. Today’s game archiving is an important part of the game’s inseparability, and it is no longer just a record of the progress of the game flow, it can also be a game creator. An important part of increasing the game experience and giving the game more content and thinking.

From tedious “password” archiving, to battery archiving, to today’s built-in hard disk archiving, cloud archiving, with the advancement of technology and the popularization of new technologies, new archiving methods and more interesting archiving games will definitely appear. All we need to do is just wait quietly.

In the future era of big data, your data and archived data may become one of the contents of the game. I hope that in the future, similar to “Neil: The Age of Machinery”, the idea of ​​using archives to break the time and space limitations of players More, can bring me more surprises and emotions.

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