A 16-year-old girl murdered by two older brothers (The image is

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Rosmini binti Darwis (16) was killed by two older brothers on Sulawesi Island in central Indonesia on the 9th of last month. The incident happened shortly after Rosmini confessed that he had a “relationship with his 45-year-old cousin,” claiming that his 20- and 30-year-old brothers were “honor murders” due to the defamation of his family. There is.

Rahman (Rahman, 30) and Surianto (20) are accused of murdering 16-year-old Rosmini Binti Dalwis, whose sister has a relationship with his 45-year-old cousin, Usman. He frankly knew he had it and said he had committed the crime at home.

According to police investigation, Rosmini has been complaining of nausea and fainting attacks for several weeks before he was killed, and his family visited a shaman who uses magic to treat the disease. After that, Usman, who was worried about his physical condition, came to Rosmini’s house and Rosmini confessed to the family about the relationship between the two. This seems to have touched the opposite scales of my two brothers.

The South China Morning Post describes the incident that happened in a small village on a quiet island.

“First, Flirtatious Sliant struck Usman with a wooden stick, and Usman fled in fear. After that, Rahman and Slianto pulled a young man in the neighborhood out of his home and demanded that he marry Rosmini. However, when the man refused, they returned to their homes and forced Rosmini into the back room, slamming them with a wooden stick as the family watched them, slashing them with Nata and decapitating them. “

A local police who rushed to report a neighborhood resident arrested and investigated nine families, including two older brothers. “There is no evidence that Rosminini had a sexual relationship with Usman, but the family claimed that Rosmini was “murdered for defaming the family,”” the police said. It was

Honor killings have been reported extensively in areas of old values ​​such as the Middle East and South Asia, but are extremely rare in Indonesia, according to The Sun.

By the way, last month there was a case in Iran where a 13-year-old girl who ran away with a 35-year-old man was beheaded by his father with a sickle. Repeated tragedy “cannot justify violence in honor” “why can this be done with brothers and sisters?” “nobody in the family could stop anyone” “decapitation in nata is too cruel “The honorable murder is a crime. It should be punished properly.” “Sad news” “I think my cousin, who is about 30 years old, may be liable.”

The image is the screen of “The Sun “PURE SAVAGERY Girl, 16,’hacked to death with machete by her two brothers after confessing to affair with 45-year-old relative'” (Credit: Indonesia Police) dated June 2, 2020. shot
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