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[From overseas! Breaking News]72 cases of four identical babies born in the world “Who is who it is …” Mother (US)

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A 35-year-old woman living in Texas, USA, gave birth to four quads in mid-March due to spontaneous pregnancy. Moreover, only 72 cases of identical quadruples have been reported in the world, and the doctor in charge was surprised that “it will be the first and last case in my career.” “TODAY”, “Metro” etc. are reported.

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Jenny Marr (35), who lives in Dallas, Texas, USA, has an identical sex at a local hospital “Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas” on March 15th. I gave birth to four children. Jenny was 28 and a half weeks pregnant and delivered by Caesarean section.

While her husband Chris and Jenny’s mother were watching over, Harrison was the first to produce 1077 grams, Hardy was 1190 grams, and the third was Henry, 1097 grams. The last was Hudson, which weighed 878 grams. The delivery took 3 minutes and four boys were immediately taken to the neonatal intensive care unit.

Jenny first performed an ultrasound on November 12, last year, when he was told by his doctor that he was a triplet. However, one week later, a perinatal (maternal / fetal) specialist’s examination revealed that she had “four children,” Chris said, “Three people increased from four to four in a week. It was a shock, rather than a shock, my doctor told me, “I’m fine with four of them so far,” but I said, “I might be five next week, so I’m already in the hospital. I don’t come, ”he said in a joke,” he recalls.

According to Lauren Murray, who was in charge of Jenny, the probability of having four identical babies with natural pregnancy is about 11 to 15 million, and only 72 cases are reported worldwide. It has not been done.

“It was the first time I had multiple fetuses in my family,” Jenny said. “It’s something that rarely happens, so why not buy a lottery ticket?” .. More rarely, four children shared one placenta, so Jenny was told that “all four people are not well-nourished, and some may not grow well”, and during pregnancy they are quite It seems like I was angry.

It was Jenny who had a Caesarean section in the midst of anxiety while pregnant with 4 firstborns, but the 4 newborns received care in the neonatal intensive care unit until the 10th week of life, and were well in early May. I am discharged from the hospital. Jenny calls “the children” baby birds “because they really look like baby babies. Now I breastfeed every 3 hours. It takes an hour. “He revealed that raising a child is more difficult than I imagined, and continued.

“The problem is that all four of them are similar, and I can’t tell who they are. I tried to take a picture of them side by side, and even my husband made a mistake.”

On the other hand, Chris said:

“The four people have slightly different personalities. When you look closer, you can make a distinction, but when you look at them from afar, they all look the same. However, Hudson’s body is smaller than the other three, so it’s easier to tell them apart . “

Jenny said, “While the children are really cute. When the restrictions on going out relaxed and the weight of the four people increased a little, hugging each of the staff who took care of us at the hospital, we thank him. I am trying to tell you, “he said with a smile.

The image is a screenshot of “Metro” Mum gives birth to identical quadruplets, defying one in 15 million odds “(Picture: Marr family) dated May 22, 2020.
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