From #MeToo to #StreetKidsToo, UBXED denounces street child abuse

UBXED [unboxed] is a platform that creates social impact by telling stories about the concerns we wake up every night and often seen in the press every day.

This foundation will tell stories that are inherently sensitive to society, stories that show the presence of children in adults and the maturity of children’s thinking. UBXED’s focus is on children’s intellectual, emotional, and well-being concerns, as well as the role of parents in children’s daily lives.

The latest UBXED theme titled “Eating the Happiness Eaters” was inspired by the #MeToo movement on female sexual abuse from October 2017.


Mr. Kit Ong, founder of UBXED, said: “I have had the opportunity to do several projects with Unicef ​​in China and Vietnam. In learning about this organization, I have recognized the dangers of sexual abuse, violence and labor exploitation facing street children. They themselves are unable to speak up against the merciless actions that cause both physical and mental injury. So I hope “Eating the Happiness Eaters” can light a small glimmer of these kids’ lives. “

UBXED Season 1 includes 6 stories about difficult topics in life such as war, migration, spiritual crisis, family relations, school safety, humanitarianism, division, and sexual abuse. , depression and self-acceptance.

The idea of ​​UBXED is to tell stories. UBXED’s Season 1 was done by artists and collaborators such as Minh Lam and mothers Minh Chau, Luan Luong, Tri Thong and Kien. Season 2 is in production.

Source: Brands Vietnam


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