From July 1, all electric vehicles in Europe must install sound generators for pedestrians to hear

From July 1, all electric vehicles in Europe must install sound generators for pedestrians to hear

From today July 1, 2019, electric motor car manufacturers in Europe will have to install a sound generator called the Acoustic Vehicle Alert System (AVAS), and those vehicles on the road will have to install This AVAS system is before July 1, 2021 otherwise it will not be allowed to operate. Basically, the AVAS system creates sound for the vehicle when traveling at speeds below 20 km / h or when backing up. The electric motor system itself produces much smaller sounds than cars that use internal combustion engines, and when running at low speeds, it is so quiet that people who are visually impaired or have eye problems are hardly recognizable. around them there are cars moving.


Croatia's Rimac C_Two, it owns 4 water-cooled electric motors, 120 kWh battery, generating 1,888 horsepower. The cover picture is Rimac Concept One, 1,224 horsepower.

In a report sent to the British Parliament in November 2017, Guide Dogs charity showed that electric and hybrid vehicles have a higher rate of accidents with pedestrians than cars using internal combustion engines. 40%. Since then the authorities in Europe have been thinking of catching electric cars to have an external sound system to easily identify.

Different electric vehicle manufacturers will have the right to decide how their car will sound when installing the AVAS system, but according to European Union regulations, the sound must be similar in intensity, or not. Noise is more than the noise from gasoline or diesel vehicles, so pedestrians can estimate their distance to that electric car.

Jaguar introduced the AVAS system in the I-Pace electric car, while Nissan in 2017 introduced an electric vehicle concept that has just gone and sang:

Europe is not the only place that requires the installation of artificial sound systems on vehicles. The US is also requiring all hybrid and electric vehicles to have artificial sound from now until 2020, and in the United States when vehicles run below 30 km / h, AVAS systems must create sound for people around to know. .

According to The Verge


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