From drama translation to copyright game controversy

The past few days, the translation community has witnessed a dramatic crisis over copyright issues. Not only does it stop at the controversy, but it is also concretized by the act of denouncing copyright infringement with the original author. As a result, a series of translation sites had to be temporarily closed to avoid controversy about the copyright of pirated stories.

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The crisis is still ongoing and the latest development is that an original author, after taking action to protect his work, was translated by the support community for the RIP Twitter account. The next development may last for many more days, but the issue we need to consider here is the attitude towards work copyright.

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A series of accusations targeting pirated translation sites

The controversies between the parties in this crisis are almost identical to those that have broken out in the gaming industry about the issue of pirated crack games, game mods, game translations… That’s why a gamer looks at these controversies It will feel very familiar.

Is the use right above the copyright?

The most basic point of controversy about translated stories as well as about pirated games is whether the copyright of the work should be “used in the temple” because it is difficult for users to access it? The point of the group that supports pirated stories and pirated games is always to bring up a problem of their own and then think that they have the right to enjoy copyrighted works.

Of course, with today’s progressive copyright awareness, gamers all understand that argument is a fallacy. But we have to fight for a long time to get the awareness of respecting copyright and our own difficulties are not an excuse to steal the work of the author. The translation community also needs such a struggle to understand the value of paying the author to enjoy the work.

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Thanks to many conflicts and controversies, the copyrighted game has been respected by Vietnamese gamers

Inside the Vietnamese game village in particular and the world game village in general, there has been a long time of fighting with each other to make progress in consciousness. If 10 years ago, buying a copyrighted game was thought of as a popular game, a kind of bravado, bragging rights, but today it is an expression of civilized gamer.

Steam, PlayStation Store, Humble Bundle… are gradually becoming familiar to gamers and buying games is not too far away anymore. Gamers even buy and gift each other as birthday gifts, gifting gamer girlfriends. To get that, fierce controversies, factions, disbanding of brotherhoods and even blocking each other took place.

A civilized view of copyright and copyright

Many fans of the translated story have stated that it is perfectly acceptable to translate and read pirated stories because the original story does not have a Vietnamese version, so the community has translated it for themselves to satisfy the fans. Even this advocacy group argues that doing this is beneficial in terms of reputation and communication for the author and the work.

However, according to copyright laws and regulations, the author has full control over his work, not pirated users. Therefore, it is completely wrong to take and use the work without consent of the author. There is no excuse for piracy which is protected by the international community through copyright laws and copyright conventions among countries to which Vietnam is also a party.

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Arguments that intentionally ignore the author’s rights to his work

On the other hand, if you think the other way around, it is the translation of pirated stories that directly harms the legal future of the story, just like the copyrighted game. Works that are popular and have a large enough community will be officially translated and released. That is the law of the market.

If the series A is mentioned by many people, there is high interaction online, surely a publisher will buy the copyright and re-translate it and sell it for a profit. That is not far away because there are many series of both text stories and comics that have been translated by Vietnamese publishers after a while of being famous online.

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A translation team announced to stop because the manga is about to be published

But if that story is smuggled and widely distributed on the internet, its hotness will still exist, but the story will not be sold when buying the translation rights. It will make the publisher at a loss and the author will not earn a share of the profit from selling legal stories. Many translation teams have taken the initiative to stop translating if there is news that the official translation is about to be released. However, how many people who have seen the translated story will pay to buy more official print sets is still a mystery.

On the other hand, the story translation sites all have ads to generate income to help maintain the working team. That is in violation of copyright regulations when using unauthorized works to generate income for themselves. Legally, this is completely indefensible and that is also the reason many translated comics have to close down to avoid being sued.

If you want to use it for free, you have to ask

Of course, the above rules do not mean that you cannot translate the story for the community to see. The author still has the right to decide, so the best way is to contact the author to ask for permission to translate the series.

Depending on the author, someone will be generous or strict to decide. But anyway, it is a civilized way of behavior, the author will know that he has fans in Vietnam. If they are happy, they will allow it freely or they will find a way to publish their stories in Vietnamese in a mainstream way.

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Sometimes authors are not narrow-minded but their reaction makes them unhappy, which is something to avoid

There are many friends when angry when someone takes their things without asking permission or utters the sentence: “If you want, open your mouth to ask, I’m not too narrow-minded!”

So are the writers of the series. Sometimes they are not too narrow-minded to share their work with a small community. But the attitude of stealing works that they have to work so many days to use the temple, it belongs to hate rather than copyright.

In general, the translation community will also walk the path of the previous game village to achieve a better awareness of copyright. Controversies like the recent translation are a must-have to create momentum to promote a sense of respect for copyright.

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In order to have an attitude of respecting copyright games, the Vietnamese game village has gone through many events

The game village has witnessed mobile games of Vietnamese studios being pirated by foreign countries, by that time many gamers have realized that they are “open mouth”. Blaming pirates is like cursing yourself because you’ve been playing pirated games for decades. Sometimes it takes lessons like this to change the perception of copyright.

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