Frog species at risk Significant victory for the chorus frog

Frog species at risk Significant victory for the chorus frog

The Center Québécois du droit en environnement (CQDE) welcomes the recent decision of the Federal Court of Appeal to maintain the emergency decree to protect the chorus frog, a species of frog in danger.

This decision, made last Friday, puts an end to a long legal process initiated by the Maison Candiac Group, a property developer in La Prairie. The latter questioned the constitutionality of the federal decree adopted in June 2016 which prevented it from building 1,400 housing units in an essential habitat of the chorus frog.

Contrary to what the private developer stipulates, the Federal Court of Appeal held that the order did not directly encroach on provincial jurisdiction.

“The Federal Court of Appeal is sending a clear message here to both governments and businesses: the situation is urgent and we have a duty to prevent human activities leading to the disappearance of species. The recognition of the validity of the emergency decree represents an important victory for all groups who, like the CQDE, are mobilizing for the protection of species at risk, “said Geneviève Paul, director general of the CQDE, on Thursday, by press release .

“The conclusion of this file confirms in a way the failure of the Government of Quebec with regard to the protection of the tree frog and reminds it that it must do more to ensure the protection of threatened or vulnerable species on the territory. We hope the message is heard, ”added Ms. Paul.

Living and reproducing in wetlands, the Chorus Frog has lost 90% of its range in the Montérégie in recent decades, in particular due to urban sprawl.


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