Frightened because he forgot his broken finger on the car

Frightened because he forgot his broken finger on the car

While rushing to the hospital, a Chinese worker surnamed Xu forgot his broken finger in a taxi.

According to Shanghaiist, Xu had an accident while working at a construction site in Ezhou City on November 1. Local doctors said Xu had five hours to resume the broken finger.

Immediately, Xu decided to use the time to take a taxi, go to a better hospital in Wuhan, the capital of Hebei province, China for surgery. The journey is only about 60 km, but when the journey is near the end, the taxi gets into a traffic jam and Xu decides to jump off the car, running to the hospital.

However, this worker left a very important item in the car – the finger broke off.

When Xu arrived at the hospital, he realized his negligence. However, without a receipt, Xu had no way to contact the taxi driver.

Xu called the police and someone was sent to help. Very quickly, the police officer reviewed the surveillance image, identified the taxi license plate and sent a notification to this car.

It took only 30 minutes for the taxi to be found and fortunately the driver found his finger wrapped in a piece of paper on the back of the car.

The taxi driver arrived at the hospital in time and Xu was joined on time.

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