French president says NATO is 'brain dead'

French president says NATO is 'brain dead'

The U.S. is turning its back on NATO, French President Emmanuel Macron said. He told the Economist that it was time for Europe to wake up.

In July, US President Donald Trump asked NATO countries to contribute more to the alliance in terms of defense budgets, because it would be "unfair" as "many countries are far away from the 2% commitment." "While" the US is paying for 90% of NATO ".

French president says NATO is 'brain dead'

The French president has warned European countries that they can no longer count on the US to protect NATO allies, and that there is currently no coordination in "making decisions." strategic planning ”among allies.

“Not at all. There is an uncoordinated attack by another NATO member, Turkey, in an area where our interests are at risk, ”Macron told the Economist. "We are now witnessing a state of NATO brain death."

President Macron also expressed skepticism about the effectiveness of Article 5 of the NATO Treaty that "attacking a member state means attacking all member states". "I don't know, will there be any meaning in Article 5?"

According to him, NATO can only operate if the guarantor of the last option fulfills their functions. "I think we need to revisit the status and redefine what NATO is, in the context of the current level of US commitment," the President of France said.


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