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French President caused a “storm” because of his greetings in Vietnamese


The New Year’s greeting message in Vietnamese by French President Emmanuel Macron on the New Year’s Day of Tan Suu makes netizens extremely excited.

“I would like to sincerely send all those who are celebrating the New Year the best wishes: health, success and happiness!”, Mr. Macron wrote on his Facebook page on February 12.

In addition to Vietnamese, the French President also sent New Year’s greetings in French, Chinese and Korean. Up to now, his Vietnamese greeting line on Facebook has received more than 20,000 likes (“likes”) and thousands of comments and re-shares.

French President caused a
French President Emmanuel Macron. Photo: ABC

Most of the comments expressed their appreciation and excitement towards the “young” and “likable” leaders of the French Government. Some people also respectfully send Tet greetings to him.

In addition to the Tet greeting message, President Macron also posted a short clip, in which he wished “the year of the New Ox full of joy, hope and happiness” to “all of our countrymen, who are people welcome the Lunar New Year “.

“Many people in France and abroad share this cultural heritage and connect with China, Korea, Vietnam and Southeast Asia. Thanks to your dynamism and your connection to the fields of culture, arts, connections, economics and politics, you have helped France open new horizons and build its future. our country “, Mr. Macron stressed.

Mr. Macron also reiterated France’s commitment to fight racism and discrimination, especially towards Asians.

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