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Free virtual reality game Merry Snowballs “how fun”

The virtual reality game Merry Snowballs is a fun action genre that is being offered for free during the Lunar New Year Festival 2020 on Steam.

Merry Snowballs is a fun action experience, recreating the snowball throwing in the cold winter in Western countries. Although this is a traditional game very familiar to those who have lived for a long time in European and American countries, but it is quite strange to most players in our country due to its characteristic climate.

However, with virtual reality technology, you do not need to live abroad to experience the snowball fight as often seen in foreign movies. Of course the experience will not have the same feeling but the great snowball will still be extremely excited with all kinds of “combat weapons” such as Ice gun, Triple Snowgun, the “legendary toys” in the country Outside is like a water gun in our country.

Currently, the developer Hatrabbit Entertainment is willing to give away the free Merry Snowballs long during the Lunar New Year. The donation time is quite long so you can relax, but do not forget to receive the game before the deadline is 1 hour on 1/2/2020. The original price on the international market is $ 5.99 (the price of copper on Steam is only 80K).

Instructions on how to receive games:
① You must first sign up for a Steam account (free) if you haven’t already and confirm your registration by email. If yes then skip this step.

② Open the Steam app and log in with your verified account, go to the Store section in the top left corner, enter the keyword merry Go to the search box in the upper right corner of the app and select the game Merry Snowballs, which is priced at Free.

③ Click Add to Account in the middle of the screen and get notifications Success! Merry Snowballs is now registered to your account on Steam is done!

● Or if it’s not available or for some reason you can’t install the Steam app on your computer, you can also access the Merry Snowballs store page using your browser.

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Developer: Hatrabbit Entertainment

Price: 0

Then you need to log in or create a Steam account (free) if you do not have, then click the button Install Game is done! If you encounter an error message The link you followed does not appear to be a valid URL, maybe you already own it without noticing it.

Once completed, you have owned Merry Snowballs permanently on Steam! Now when you visit the game page of Merry Snowballs on Steam, you will see the message Merry Snowballs is already in your Steam library and show button Play Game.

After activating the key successfully, you have owned the game permanently on Steam!

Note: Merry Snowballs supports HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and Valve Index virtual reality headsets. You will need to own one of the aforementioned virtual reality headsets to play a game, but receiving a game does not.

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