Free Nuclear Throne and Ruiner on Epic Games Store

Nuclear Throne and Ruiner are the latest free games on the Epic Games Store, until November 14.

Nuclear Throne from Vlambeer is a game that combines RPG, rouge, and platform action. In a top-down shooter, humans are extinct, along with mutants and monsters raging in this post-apocalyptic world. You will use radiation to mutate your limbs and possess new abilities during the battle.

Action shooter Ruiner takes place in a cyberpunk city in 2091. Here, "a psychopath against the corrupt forces" to rescue his brother and find out "the truth". The character will have a hacker as a companion.

Both games will be replaced by The Messenger on November 14.

In The Messenger, you play the ninja, transporting important messages. In the meantime, the army must fight against the evil army. This platform action game has "acrobat gameplay", character upgrades, skills, secret levels and many directions.

Last week's two free games were Custome Quest and Soma.

Ninh Tran

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