[FREE GAME] – Age of Wonders III is free on Steam!

[FREE GAME] – Age of Wonders III is free on Steam!

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Age of Wonders III, The strategy game based on cult is currently free on Steam from now until July 15th.

Age of Wonders III is a game that mixes between 4X strategy games and turn-based tactics, mixed with a bit of its own, has been highly appreciated by critics.

The game has a story-based campaign, multiplayer for eight people, and a part to play against the machine.

The game has released many different expansion packs, includingAge of Wonders III: Eternal Lords and Age of Wonders III: Gold Realms with lots of attractive additions to the original game.

However, there are not any expansion packs distributed free of charge during this giveaway.

The game is sold for $ 29.99 or Vietnam region price of VND 250,000 on Steam.

Paradox Interactive currently plays this game for free on the game's product page. On Steam, you just need to click on the "Add to account" button to be able to record the game into your game library.

The product will be permanently in the account Steam Your once successfully activated.

Besides the original free, the entire expansion pack of the game is also being discounted by Paradox Interactive for 50% during the giveaway.


  • Age of Wonders III will be free until 0 hours on July 16, 2019 or when the key expires!
  • Since this is a free game, you will not be able to receive any Steam Trading Card during the game.

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